That’s what you use to poop

I just watched Friends with Benefits. I thought it was really funny.

Throughout the movie, we got many shots of Justin Timberlake’s naked rear end, after which I would promptly hear from my friend “OH MY GOD! Justine Timberlake is so hot! Look at his ass!!”

And yes, I do admit that he does have an admirable butt. But really? What is it about people’s rear ends that are so ‘hot’? I am not an ass girl. I am a shoulder girl. Big strong shoulders are what determine a man’s hotness. So every time I saw Justin Timberlake’s buttocks, all I thought was ‘That is what you use to poop.’

Justin Timberlake's butt

It’s okay kids, you don’t have to look away, this is where poop comes from

Not surprisingly I ruined his gorgeous ass (her words, not mine) for Mel. And for that, I apologize.

Do you have a gorgeous rear end? Does this question make you uncomfortable? Is it socially acceptable to ask questions like that?


9 thoughts on “That’s what you use to poop

  1. You nailed it. Asses just remind you that as hot as you might be, you still take a crap every day. That ain’t sexy.

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