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Fish are the Enemy

I do not like fish. They’re creepy. With their creepy little beady eyes and the way they’re just floating around in their bowl watching your every move.

I have this theory: Fish are going to take over the world.

Fish are going to take over the world

You will bow to us someday

I mean, think about it, water covers 71% of Earth’s surface. Which means that only 29% of the world surface is land. The rest is ocean, home to the marine lifeforms.

The goldfish have even got the entire world convinced that they lose their memory every time they blink. I think that it’s just a little too convenient.

Tsunamis also seem suspicious to me too. Natural disasters? Baloney, I say! It’s the fish. They tried to get Japan! They’ve done it before. And they’ll do it again!

I’m telling you they’re going to take over the world someday. They’ve already made it into our houses, soon they’ll take over everything.

They’re probably plotting their evil schemes right now. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.


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