Life and Other Funny Things

Who Pooped?!

I found this the other day, thought I’d share:

An interactive game!

It’s a super cool game on whopooped.orgcreated by the Minnesota Zoo.
What happens is they show you a picture of animal excreta (yes, thats how you say poop when you’re an adult), and you have to guess which animal the feces (actually I think this one’s funnier than poop) belong to.
Try it, it’s fun! Unless thinking about an animal’s bodily waste makes you sick, in which case I would not recommend it.

Random question: Do any of you ever laugh when people say the word duties? I do. In fact, if anyone asks me how my duties are going (you would think they’d be more careful with words like that), I awlays respond with smooth. Yes, I am that weird.


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