Life and Other Funny Things

It was my fault

The other day in college, the whole class had to give presentations on various topics. So people were presenting, and the rest of us were being presented to. Just normal collegey stuff, until one guy comes up with his very normal topic of OFGEM. It stands for the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets. Did you laugh? No? Okay, let’s try again, Office of GAS and Electricity Markets.

Still nothing? Good, I applaud you for being a very normal person above the age of three. Congratulations.

But you see, I am not normal person. I have the maturity of a three year old, and I laugh at the word Gas. Not only do I laugh at the word, but I also announce that I think it’s a funny word.

The good part is that not a lot of people heard my announcement. But Sam, who was sitting right next to me, did. The poor guy giggled (do men giggle? Or do they chuckle?) every time the word Gas was mentioned.

The professor was not happy about this; Sam got a lot of dirty looks from him (think eyes that are already bulging out of their sockets, glaring from above glasses that are perched on his nose. Very scary).

(Like this, but less sexy and more scary. Also, less hot blonde and more angry man.)

The worst part is, even the scary professor couldn’t make him stop laughing! And for that I apologize.

Sorry, Sam, it’s my fault. I recommend you read this very helpful guide on How to Stop Laughing When You Laugh at Inappropriate Times.


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