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The best part about college

The best part about college is probably that you get to choose classes that sound all fancy but the ultimate outcome is pretty much useless.

I chose Project Management.

Reasons Project Management is awesome:

  1. Its so easy!
  2. Its sounds so complicated that all of 5 people chose the class
  3. You can hand in really silly stuff for actual credit. (and the teacher will be impressed by your “grasp” of the subject.)

Let me elaborate on the last point. My teacher gave us the following assignment

A. Suppose you set yourself the project of cooking a dinner party for yourself and five friends.

1.       Define the objective of the project

2.       Estimate (roughly)

           A. The cost and

           B. Time, it will take to prepare

3.       Establish a work breakdown structure. In the form  of a detailed list of things to do, for preparing your menu

4.       What does your WBS tell you about your cost and time estimates?

The day she gave this to us, I was not in a very “Let’s Study” mood (no, that does not mean I was hungover)(okay, maybe not completely).  So here is what I handed in:

1. Serve people food, and make them leave as soon as possible

2. A) $20, because its going to be really cheap food. Why, I ask, must I give them really nice AND free food?

2. B) 2 hours, because any longer than that and…….well, then I’d have to spend more than 2 hours.  


Work Breakdown Structure

Beer and Carrots! Mmmmm!

4. The WBS doesn’t really tell us much. All we’ve done is put the simplest tasks, tasks that people around the world do on a regular basis, in the most complex form of representation. It shows us how this party would be a very very bad idea to attend, since nobody really likes carrots (people pretend they do, but let’s be realistic, they don’t), especially not with beer. But I suppose you could tell by the WBS that anyone who leaves will be very drunk and should not be allowed to drive home. The host would then just have to spend time dropping them home. I doubt this host would take the trouble of doing that, so authorities should be around the area to arrest these drunken drivers. In the end the host and the guests will all have a pretty great story to tell over the years. So, I guess, what the WBS shows us about the time and cost estimates is that the story will be told over the years to come, and that the party will be quiet expensive for the guests as they will need to shell out a significant amount for the bail.

Impressed? Me too.


4 thoughts on “The best part about college

  1. Amazing… unfortunately, I have no grasp of project management. If I were the head of a department, my department would get absolutely nothing done, be way over budget, and I would be fired within about a week. You’re much more far ahead than I will ever be! Congrats!

  2. Hi,

    I like your idea of the WBS. I’m a project manager for a long time now and I run a project management website and I found your WBS to be very funny!

    Thanks for sharing…

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