Lately, I’ve found that a lot of people have started hating Psych (the TV show). I don’t understand this.

I’m not much of a crime show kind of person, but this one’s pretty great. I’ve been following the show for years now, and I absolutely love it!

Reasons why I love Psych:

  1. They have funny pop culture references

    Creepy Twins

    Creepy twins aren't always kids, but I get nightmares about them either way

  2. They dance around when they’re happy (I think we all need to start doing that!)

    Psych Dancing

    I believe I can fly....

  3. They scream like girls

    Psych Scream

    Mommy look a broom! Oh yeah, and a mad man is trying to kill me.

  4. They have a pineapple in every episode. (I loved those I Spy books as a kid. Looking out for the pineapple in every episode is fun)

    Psych Pineapple

    My modes of entertainment are pretty lame

  5. They have yummy looking food in almost every episode (They also have William Shatner)
    Yummy Sandwich

    Sometimes a sandwich is all we humans have to go on

    How about you? Do you like Psych? Do you love it?! Does the theme song make you dance around in joy?


7 thoughts on “Psych

  1. I absolutely love Psych! And yes, the theme song makes me dance. Each episode makes me laugh, especially when I hear Shawn and Gus scream. 🙂

  2. Never seen it… What’s with the creepy old lady twins? They look like those other REALLY creepy twins on the shining. Which, (by the way) the book says absolutely NOTHING about creepy twins, and the cook is NOT supposed to die!!!! GRRRRRR!

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