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Can I wear PJ’s and suits together?

I think I just went through a quarter life crisis. I say think because I’m not sure if it’s over. It may return, and this time with a vengeance…. [dun dun dun]

Just kidding. Anyway, I thought I’d share my Guide to Coping with your (Maybe) Quarter Life Crisis! (with an exclamation mark) with you.

Guide to Coping with your (Maybe) Quarter Life Crisis! (with an exclamation mark)

Step 1: Freak out

Lady freaking out

Yup, that is literally how I freak out.

Step 2: Freak out about how you are all alone, and don’t know your life’s purpose yet.

Step 3: Calm down, tell yourself it’s going to be okay.

Step 4: Freak out some more. How will you survive in this big bad world all alone? You can’t even cook!  It isn’t really going to be okay!

Have you freaked out enough? If you feel that you have it in you to freak out some more, then go on ahead. Then continue to Step 5.

Step 5: Think about what you want to be in the future. How will you achieve that? For example: buy a power suit, it will directly assist you in attaining your goal.

Step 6: Think about how easy it used to be when you were a child. Buy PJ’s with cows on them. Preferably cow angels.

Cow Angels Pajamas

I think sharing what my PJ's look like to the people of the internet may be crossing a line

Step 7: Attempt reading books to help you to reach your goal.

Books that will help me reach my goal

My goals vary from one thing to another

Step 8: Learn to cook. Ensure that you have your local fire department on speed dial in case you burn your house down.

Step 9: Start a blog, and write a guide to coping with your quarter life crisis.

Step 10: Remember that if random people around the world actually want to listen to what you have to say, then you are not alone. You will never be alone. There’s always somebody who’s willing to listen, and you’re going to be fine. Maybe you are destined for greatness. Maybe you aren’t. Maybe you’ll just be average, mediocre. You don’t know yet, nobody does. Figuring it out is the best part of life. The most important thing is that you have people to joke about it with.

So, here’s to everyone reading this. People who follow me, and even those who don’t, it means a lot to me that you want to read what I have to say. YOU mean a lot me, all of you. You saved me, and for that I am forever thankful.


7 thoughts on “Can I wear PJ’s and suits together?

  1. It describes perfectly how my life is right now. I’m about to finish college so I’m still in the freak out phase about what I’m gonna do with my life… soon I will start to buy compulsively pj’s with cows.

  2. Cow PJ’s? Really? I would go with the little frogs on the lily pads. They’re cute. I also like to read self-help books, even though I am only in middle school, I still find them relatively interesting, and I like to learn more things about myself that I didn’t know beforehand. More good books to read; psychology textbooks, (sure did surprise myself on this one. Although, I have always known that I’m probably going to major in some sort of pre-med thing, and afterwards attempt to get into multiple ivy-league medical schools to become a psychiatrist.) comedy-romance novels, (though they only depress me, reminding me that I am single and I have promised myself not to be in a relationship until I am at least sixteen- I’ve seen what those things do to my friends.) and horror stories. (see my blog for that explanation… I don’t really feel like typing too much more into this little box.) The way to learn to cook… throw random things into boiling water. Eventually, you will hit home on something other than the spaghetti noodles. Thank you for your inspiring post.

    • I love comedy-romance novels too! Horror not so much; will definitely check out your blog for that one. Thank you so much for reading!
      P.S. You’re really lucky on the ‘throw random things into boiling water’. What I get are tomatoes that looked like they all got murdered ( I think the squash did it)

      • Tomatoes in boiling water is never good…. of course, I don’t typically like tomatoes, so I couldn’t really tell you too much about that. One thing that can (almost) NEVER go wrong is kraft macaroni. Or stuff that you stick into the microwave, although it doesn’t taste too good.

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