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To be murdered or sex offended?

I’m a Business student, and I have to research British Airways for a class. Unfortunately, not all information is available on Wikipedia* (Can you believe that?! If it’s important why wouldn’t it be up there?!), so I have had to hunt through all their annual reports and press releases for information.

Have you ever noticed the lengths companies will go to to market themselves as being friendly and approachable? It’s worse than an online dating profile!

For example, their Corporate Responsibility Report has a bunch of pictures of cool looking airplanes and the regular “we plant a lot of  trees” pictures (although, how are we supposed to know if that’s the truth? All of their pictures show the guy planting a single tree with no other trees around it.)

They also show a passion for holding green colored liquids

British Airways Biofuel

Green apple martini, anyone?

Their company and employees are so laid back that they just sit around in…, what is that called anyway? A propeller? Turbine engines?……the big round things on the side of the airplane.

British Airways Turbine Engine

No thanks,I'm not supposed to be mixing alcohol with my meds

But what’s with the things on their noses? How is that related to corporate responsibility? Those people could suffocate! Oh, I see, they’re trying to kill them so that the ever increasing population of the world is controlled, and in turn so is global warming. That’s very nice. Very thoughtful of them, every little bit counts.

British Airways nose

Help us please!!

British Airways Volunteer work

Must have more green apple martinis! MORE GREEN!

British Airways Corporate responsibility

Which is why we're going to kill these children if you don't pay up.

Other pictures include people with murderous glares, people racing (away from said murderers), and one of a guy who I’m sure is a sex offender. So I guess the question really is, which is better a murderer or a sex offender? Would you rather die, or live in fear for the rest of your life?


*Just so you know, I don’t really rely on Wikipedia for my research. No really, I have other sources! I meant it! Why don’t you believe me?!


4 thoughts on “To be murdered or sex offended?

  1. I’m doing a research paper too (although, mine is about International Law and the Western Sahara case) and I don’t know what would be of me if Wikipedia didn’t existed! It’s always there to enlight me with its knowledge whenever I’m stuck. Moreover, the notes and references section always shows very interesting links to start looking for information.

    My paper definitely stinks like Wikipedia! haha

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