Life and Other Funny Things

Why Business?

I’ve mentioned before about my quarter-life crisis, and how I didn’t think it was over.

In this week’s episode, I questioned my decision on majoring in Business.

I’m a business student, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t learn much in business classes. It’s just a longer, slightly more formal-toned version of everything you learnt in high school business.
So why did I do it?

  • Because I’m stupid.
  • Because I come from a family of computer engineers and needed to prove a point
  • Because I couldn’t find a Literature course near where I live
  • Because I heard a lot of things about unemployed Literature majors
  • Because I didn’t want to wait tables*
  • Because dorms scare the hell out of me and the campus was close to my house
  • Because I sound really smart when I tell people what my major is
  • Because it seemed easy
  • Because I’m really stupid

I don’t think I will be utilizing my fancy-shmancy Business degree in the future. If I end up analyzing companies’ strategic intents for the rest of my life, I think I might have to kill myself!

Proof that Business was not a good idea is my bad decision making skills, something crucial for managers.
But what if this isn’t a onetime thing? What if I’m destined for a life of bad decision making? What if I end up a failure?!
And more importantly, all that time and money could have been better utilized doing something more productive!

So I just wasted thousands of dollars on a degree that I will probably never use.

Well, I guess it still looks really neat on paper.

*I don’t mean to say that waiting tables is a bad job; I mean that I don’t really have the patience for it. I’ve sat next to some really weird customers. Kudos to you if you do wait tables. I respect you.


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