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Losing my concert virginity

I feel played. I feel used. I don’t like it. It was horrible! I almost cried through the whole thing!

I always imagined losing my concert virginity would be so much different. I thought it would be special. I thought it would mean something!

It didn’t.

Solar Concert

They took my virginity. I'll never forget them....

My friend was organizing a concert. Not just any concert, a concert that was powered by solar energy! I thought it would be very exciting. I also thought solar-powered instruments would be pretty cool.
What she neglected to mention was that the concert was French. I do not speak French. I didn’t understand a thing! About 15 minutes into the show and half the place had already moved on.

It was a very interesting show though. Being my very first concert, I don’t know if it’s normal, but in the middle of the show the drummer started to rip up a piece of paper. We didn’t know what to think! Naturally, we assumed she’d gone crazy. It is however possible that she was crazy to begin with.

Drummer Hiding

I think she might have gotten scared of the audience

After a while, things had finally calmed down. Her paper was shredded and lying by her feet, her drums all in place, even her voice had gone back to normal. I noted that she was quiet. Too quiet.  We could only hear the guitar. The drummer was missing! Where did she go??

Dancing, possibly


She was dancing. At least I’m pretty sure she was.

All in all, it was a pretty great night!

How did you spend your weekend? Did you go to any foreign language concerts?


[Oh yeah, pictures are not mine. They were taken by a friend. I don’t want him to sue me or anything.]


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