Crush of the Day: Nathan Drake

I wear prescription glasses. Do you know what that means? That means I’m a nerd. Do you know what nerds do? We play video games. (No, really, every person who wears glasses is invariably a nerd, and we really do spend all day playing video games)

We also fantasize about video game characters.

I have a friend who’s first love was the beautiful Farah from Prince of Persia.

His love was of the purest kind. I know that because back in 2003, Farah did not look like that! More a geometrical than voluptuous. Then there are other guys hopelessly in love with those skanky looking  other characters. For the amount of butt-kicking those girls do, their clothes do not look comfortable. (If I was going to kill a bunch of people I would not be wearing a skirt. I mean, the number of times the thing could get stepped on, caught in something, shredded in a propeller! Way too high maintenance. I get it, she wants to distract the guys, keep the odds in her favor. But no, just no.) (Or maybe they’re just really good at keeping the skirt from getting stepped on. Good for them!)

Me? I’ve loved and lost (Gordon Freeman anyone?). Right now, it’s the gorgeous Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series.

Nathan Drake


Why you should love him too:

  • He’s funny
  • He’s hot in your average guy kinda way. Not too brawny, not too skinny, just the way Goldilocks would like him.
  • He’d never double cross you. Not even for a city of gold
  • He’s got a good heart
  • He’s good in bed
  • He knows how to handle a gun. Many varieties in fact
  • He will save you from the bad guys every single time, and don’t we all love being rescued?
  • He has shown proficiency in battling yetis and zombies, a quality that will always come in handy.
  • He can hang off a cliff for hours on end. Not many people can do that anymore.
  • He’s loyal to his friends
  • He is not a slut. (I know that because I read his diary, and he’s only had a handful of girlfriends)
  • He’s a treasure hunter. He has to be loaded!
  • He’s just awesome, okay?

I can’t wait to play Unchartered 3! I know, I know, what kind of nerd am I if I didn’t pre-order it last year. I’m the nerd on a budget, okay?

Do you play video games? Who are your favorite characters?


20 thoughts on “Crush of the Day: Nathan Drake

  1. Haha … you’re hilarious. But I regret to tell you as another person who wears prescription glasses and is invariably a nerd, we really don’t all play videogames. Most notably – *I* don’t play videogames. Ever. I haven’t the patience to sit in front of a game for hours on end trying to make it do whatever it is videogames do. I get bored.

    But … as devastating as this might be to my own rebuttal … I did just remember that yesterday I bought a book called The Art of Videogames so actually I’ve no idea whose side I’m on.

    Great post

    • GASP! You’re a nerd and you don’t play video games?! Well, I suppose I could forgive you since you bought that book in a true nerd-like manner.
      What is the art of video games? I just punch a bunch of buttons and yell at the screen in hopes of something happening.

      Thanks for reading, I’m glad you liked it! 😀

  2. My husbands a heavy gamer and I asked him why do the chicks in Anime and games always have HUGE boobs and dress… the way they do. His answer was that because most gamers are men and most games are developed by men. I dont know how true this is but it definately makes sence.

    • That’s probably true. I mean, if you and I developed video games, what do you think the guys would look like?
      Also, they would bring the girl characters flowers for no apparent reason. In the middle of battle. Yes, they would definitely do that 🙂

  3. Oh man, where to start!! I think Maya from the Phoenix Wright series of games on DS is probably the most adorable character in gaming, I just want to love and protect her no matter what! Yes I cried multiple times during the PW games.

    Elena from Uncharted is pretty darn nice, much nicer than Chloe anyway. Samus and Zelda are both beautiful and strong characters.

    I was pretty hot for Riku from FFX back in the day, and I was in love with Cassandra from the Soul Calibur series.

    Oh and I was pretty in love with Yuzu from Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor:

    Ok I’ll stop before I embarrass myself, and please never ask about Anime crushes!! 🙂


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