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Anti Bullying Link Up

I follow this blog,, her name is Carley and she’s pretty awesome.

Carley is taking a stand against bullying, and I thought I’d pitch in.

Bullying is a serious issue. It’s not like it used to be, when a bunch of people would make your books fall or stuff your locker with a bunch of fake letters. That is not okay either, but you can eventually get over things like that.

I was always bullied by the popular girls. You know the ones, the ‘pretty’ ones with their pink and blue eyelids (like from the movie Mean Girls, but in middle school with weird eye shadow). I was overweight and I had glasses, I was the perfect target. But the thing is, nothing horribly bad ever happened to me. Nothing bad enough to scar me for life that is.

I read a story here (in the School section)  a long time ago, I couldn’t find the exact one but it was pretty bad. A little 14 year old girl was stripped down to her underwear by a group of girls. That’s not it, they marched her to the basketball court with her arms in the air and made her turn around in circles for everyone to get a good look.

This kind of stuff makes me sad (worse than sad, more like enraged). I mean, what would you do if that happened to you? Would you yell? Would you cry? Would you find it in you to get revenge? How? Would you ever go back to school?

I think the girl moved. I also think she might have needed a shrink. That kind of stuff can really traumatize a kid. Not just kids, it would traumatize me if that happened right now!

That girl shouldn’t have had to move. What happened to her, shouldn’t have happened. Someone there should have stopped it. But they didn’t. They all laughed instead.

We need to put an end to this! It isn’t fair! Children across the world are dreading to step out of their houses because they’re scared. Children shouldn’t have to live in fear.

When I was younger, I didn’t really know what to do about the bullying. If I told the teachers, the Mean Girls would just have more reason to torture me. If I told my parents, they would be so disappointed that I couldn’t handle it myself.

I didn’t do anything, and that was a mistake. YOU can. YOU have a voice. Speak up, and let’s stop this.

Protest against bullying

[See the O in Stop? It’s the eye shadow I bought to try to fit in with the mean girls. I still have it for some reason.]

This is my protest against bullying.  I recommend you to join in too. You don’t have to sit back and take it. You CAN do something about it. The internet has given you a voice, let’s use it. And maybe we might save someone’s life. Just like superman.


This could be you!

All you have to do is dedicate a post to the issue of bullying, post the button below,  and link back here 


14 thoughts on “Anti Bullying Link Up

  1. Thank you SO much for participating! You did a lovely job! I already tweeted your post, and I’ll be adding it to the official link up post with a little blurb about your article later in the week! xoxo -Carley@Findingravity

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  5. Thanks for bringing this up. Bullying can lead to so many other issues later in life… Kids are vulnerable, especially at that age when you try to find out who you are and where you belong. No need to make the ride even harder 🙂

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