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I’m almost off school for the summer. Notice how I said almost. That means that I have a bunch of very important assignments due. And when I have important stuff to do, I procrastinate. In order to assist my procrastination, and celebrate being almost off school, my mom and I went out for lunch.

We went to this very fancy-shmancy restaurant in…….. (I can’t tell you, what if you try to kill me? Or worse, stalk me? ) somewhere snooty. Since I’m all grown up now we don’t go to McDonalds anymore, no we go to rooftop restaurants that require us to put on uncomfortable dresses that can easily be blown away by the wind, and even more uncomfortable heels because of course these places are too good for converse. We also like going there because we can compete with ladies at other tables to see who can get their pinkies up highest while sipping our drinks. Sometimes, we pretend we’ve got British accents. We’re really really bad at it though

Anyways, this place was a health hazard! It was like the architect got confused on which type of floor he should use so he just put them all together! Grass, wood, tile, water, everything! He also probably thought he should make it like an obstacle course, so he added unnecessary railings, bridges, and platforms that you may or may not see (then stumble, and understand the purpose of those railings). But man, was the place beautiful!


Kinda like this, but more dangerous with moats and flesh-eating piranhas

The restaurant was also using eco-friendly air conditioning where they spray water from the ceiling to cool everything down. At first I thought that was pretty cool, I mean eco-friendly is good! The problem is, my hair is very temperamental when it comes to weather. The second the weather is even slightly humid, it gets angry and rages war against the air causing me to look like a feminine version of Redfoo.

Redfoo and his fro

Only it’s not sexy on me, and I know it

Fun fact: Did you know that if a crow shows up near your table you are NOT allowed to feed it? I learnt that the hard way.


10 thoughts on “Lunching

  1. If they are eco friendly in the a/c then they should let you feed the poor birdies.
    What’s a few Hitchcock moments between friends?
    Sounds like a pretty place.

  2. My grandmother took me to see LesMis a couple of weeks ago. The performance was AMAZING, but first, she drug me to this fancy restaurant. I was SO CONFUSED!!! (Let me tell you, I’m a barbecue person, and I don’t really get out too often.) There were far too many forks at the table for two people. There were three or four courses, and I didn’t eat most of what they gave me. I kept on having to ask about how to eat things… like cheese topped french onion soup and creme brulee. The place was beautiful and all, but just don’t ever take me out to somewhere fancy like that. I’d honestly prefer to cook dinner myself. (Oh, and I TOTALLY agree on the high-heels. And have you heard of this thing called Keratin? It makes your hair flat for three months. It costs two-hundred dollars, but its worth it. {If you have someone else- like your mother, who is so obsessed with your frizzy hair that she’s tried every single non-working remedy on your head- to pay for it.})

    • I’ve learnt with forks to work your way from outside towards the plate. Or just google it! They have videos and everything
      I have heard of keratin, and I love the idea. But I like my hair slightly curly, and I’m afraid that the treatment would straighten it all out. Which I understand that it doesn’t really do, but still.
      High heels are the work of the devil. Sadly they make my feet look really nice, so I’m torn!

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