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Parenting Techniques

My mother and I went on another lunch date. This time to celebrate….um nothing. We just like ordering desert.

You know those free post cards nobody takes because everyone’s afraid of being judged by random strangers they will never meet again in their lives? I took one!

Brief Case Postcard

What? I couldn’t resist!

I thought the PICTURE was funny. I did not read it. Mom read it for me “His Brief Case. A digital exploration of a man’s private affairs”. Usually my go-to answers for situations like this involve acting stupid and pretending that I just don’t get it. So, with the most convincing confused look I could mange, I immediately responded  “What does that mean?”. She totally bought it! I mean, I guess she did, you never know. Maybe its one of those parenting techniques. Whatever it is we were off the subject since she obviously did not want to explain to her daughter what  that meant.

You would think that the embarrassing moment for the day was over, but it wasn’t.

On the way back home we stopped at a traffic signal, and I was singing to Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night when my mom turns to me and says “The dresses in that store are so ugly! Who would wear those?!” I look for the store, but I can’t see anything. So she points……to a lingerie store (not just a lingerie store, like say Victoria’s Secret where everything is nice and classy, the other kind. With crotch holes. Need I say more?) . “Yes, mom, those dresses are very ugly. No, I don’t know who would where them.” I managed to say without laughing or showing my mortification. I know you think she was probably just messing with me. But she wasn’t. My mother was dead serious. I’ve convinced myself that she is old enough to have bad eyesight so could not see the crotch holes.

I’m probably going to get nightmares about that now.

Way to go mom! I had a lot of fun, I love going out with you! 😀


10 thoughts on “Parenting Techniques

  1. Hahahaha…it could have been the eyesight, but it could have been “the test”…mother’s are so keen on finding out if their daughter’s know about crotchless lingerie. I’m glad you didn’t take the bait, it would just create more gray hair for your momma.

    • Haha, thank goodness for my mom’s hair!
      You’re a mom right? I have a question, would you really want to know about your daughter’s knowledge about crotch-less panties? And how would you react if you knew that she knew?

      • My daughter is 19 and away at college. She tells me things that I’m glad she tells me, however I’d rather not know because it gets my mind going and then I worry. She is extremely modest, but I’m sure if she has heard of crotchless underwear she was horrified.

        • Haha, good for her (and you!)! Freaked me out when I heard, WHY would anyone make things like that?!
          Now that you mention it, I tell my mom way too much, should probably cut back

  2. Hahaha I hate those situations too! I never know how to act so I play the girl that knows nothing about the subject, to act normal would be more awkward… My mom buys it everytime or at least that’s what I think…

    • Haha, you’re right! Acting normal would be so much more awkward!
      I’m not sure if parents really buy it anymore, maybe they’re feeling just as awkward as us. You never know. Whatever it is I’m just glad everyone wants to stop talking about it!

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