Life and Other Funny Things

Movie Night

I went to see The Avengers with my friend Dee. It was AWESOME!

I find that going to the movies (or stepping out of the house entirely) is a great learning process. And I really did learn a lot of things from going to that movie. First that Dee would make the perfect man, and that if she were a guy, I would totally date her. Then that despite hating caramel popcorn for years, I love it! It’s like Christmas in a tub! I could not get through a whole tub alone though (I feared that Mr. Weighing Scale would scold me). But the popcorn did educate me in some Love Facts

Popcorn in Old Photo style

Taking pictures in Old Photo style does not necessarily make them cool

[Love fact: Only 1 in 5 men propose on one knee. I am going to hunt that 1 man down!]

Lastly, I learnt that I am in love with Tony Stark.

Why? Because when Captain America (who, for some reason, Dee is calling Daddy) asks Tony what he is without his suit of armor, he replies “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist”. Oh yeeeah. He really is all of those, and I think it’s wonderful! Except the playboy part, but that’s okay, it means he’s good in bed. And he’s also funny. There is something about a man who can hack computers, fly (in a suit of armor that he made himself), shoot a gun, and still be really funny at the same time. Tony Start is perfect!

But sadly, Tony Start does not exist.

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

He’s just an actor making faces at the camera

Why can’t he be real? Oh right, because that would mean that Pepper Pots would exist. And a world where people name their kids Pepper is just wrong


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