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Uncomfortable Bathroom Conversations

You know how on TV women always chit chat about their day, their boyfriend’s lack of sexual skills, and work problems in the powder room (because of course the word bathroom is too vulgar for their delicate nature)? Yeah, I’ve never really done that before. I’ve brought caramel popcorn into the ladies’ room (there was nowhere to put it!), but I have never ever spoken to a friend from inside the stall while peeing discretely eliminating waste.

Until yesterday.

Kat dragged me kicking and screaming to Dark Shadows (it sucked like crazy hell by the way), and we had to use the loo.  I thought I’d finally have a conversation with a girlfriend from inside a bathroom stall. It’s like a rite of passage.

Me: We never have uncomfortable bathroom conversations!

Her: (silence)

Me: I mean, not anymore obviously

Her: (noise of her fidgeting with her pants)

Me: Am I making you uncomfortable?

Her: Yes.

Me: Huh. Then maybe I’m making the other lady uncomfortable too.

Other Lady: (sound of flush)

Me: Oh hey, I’m sorry! You don’t have to leave, please take your time!

(sound of door opening and closing)

(while leaving) Me: Don’t forget your popcorn

Kat: Can’t believe you brought it in here

Me: There was nowhere to put it!

Kat kindly suggested that from here forth she and I will not be using the restroom together. Plus, that way someone can hold the popcorn.


12 thoughts on “Uncomfortable Bathroom Conversations

  1. This is a great post I never considered how uncomfortable peeing could be due to the fact that some people are SO comfortable with it. I found that I can talk with my girls while “eliminating waste” because sometimes the conversation is that good or important. What gets me is when people sit on their cellphone while in the bathroom, that seems a little questionable.

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