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Winning at a man’s game

I punch, throw, catch, and run like a girl a person who can’t punch, throw, catch, or run.  Except when it comes to laser tag.

In laser tag you must be vigilant and tactful. It’s a game of strategy not strength. And if there is one thing I actually did learn at school, it’s how to strategize. My professor would be so proud.

My strategy: Pick an opponent, kill, wait for him to recover, kill again before he can shoot, repeat.

My team won! My little 11-year-old cousin was extremely happy! My father was not (so what, huh? I go to the arcade with my dad, it’s no big deal. Lots of grown people go to the arcade with their parents), mostly because he was the opponent I chose to kill over and over and over again. Poor man didn’t know what hit him. I had to get him a snow cone just to cheer him up.

But more importantly, I won a man’s game! OH YEAH!

This calls for a profound and meaningful message to women all around the world. You can do it!

Don’t wear heels when playing laser tag.


10 thoughts on “Winning at a man’s game

  1. The one time I played, I unfortunately was the sucker laying on the floor (having an asthma attack!) repeatedly being shot, while the guy shooting me screamed of laughter.

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