Now I’ve done my ABC’s, next time won’t you sing with me?

The lovely Lisa (Life With The Top Down) of Fretym nominated me for the Awesome Blog Content award! How amazing is that?! More importantly, how amazing is she?! (Hint: Pretty darn amazing)

Awesome Blog Content Award

Oh gosh, this is it isn’t it? This is what I’ve been practicing for in the shower with my shampoo bottle!
I want to thank Lisa so much for including me along with all the other great blogs for this award. It is such an honor to be here today. Lisa’s been part of my blogging journey from the start, always encouraging me and liking my posts. She’s been so wonderful these past few months; I don’t know what I’d do without her. I’d also like to thank my parents for making me who I am, and bringing me here. Thank you WordPress, for giving me this wonderful opportunity. And a big thank you to the Internet, without it this would have been impossible!

I LOVE Lisa’s blog! It’s a lot of fun to read! You should go check it out here. Go do it now, I’ll wait.

I have to write 26 things about myself from A-Z and then pass the award to 5 other blogs.

  • Artistic. I love art related things; drawing, painting, origami, anything
  • Bathroom joke fan. I can’t help it. They were funny when I was 5, they’re funny now.
  • Clumsy. I am a health hazard to people around me
  • Dramatic. What’s life without a little excitement eh?
  • Efficient. I will make first, second and third drafts before finalizing anything.
  • Forgetful. Wait, what?
  • Google freak. I will Google anything and everything. See if I don’t.
  • Hypochondriac. Only sometimes though
  • Inappropriate. I’m really sorry about that
  • Jocose. Honestly didn’t know that was a word until 5 minutes ago
  • Kool. Not really.
  • List maker. I’m forgetful, it’s necessary
  • Midnight snacker (preferably ice cream)
  • Nerdy. Live long and prosper
  • Odd. In the best possible ways
  • Please and thank you kinda girl
  • Questioning. I drive myself insane with weird questions
  • Ruminator. I think a lot, way too much sometimes
  • Spirited. Like a horse
  • Tech nut. I get it from my dad
  • Unafraid of spiders. No really, there’s one that lives on my shower curtain, her name is Betty.
  • Vintage. I love vintage things (and people)!
  • World’s most amazing packer! I won’t let you miss a thing
  • Xena the warrior princess fan! The woman can really kick some ass
  • Youthfully stupid. Can’t help it, comes with age.
  • Zoinks! I can’t think of a word for Z!

Here are five blogs that I think are super fantastically awesome!

  1. Casual Thursday – Lively and funny, she can even cut her own hair!
  2. The Naked Envelope – A fabulous writer who blogs about pretty much everything!
  3. Sips of Jen & Tonic – A hilarious blog that will have you literally rolling on the floor laughing! She’s smushed stool softener up against her face, doesn’t get better than that
  4. Thoughts Appear – Funny, exciting, and yet informative. She blogs about pop-tarts, movies, and everything in between!
  5. Queen Gen – Her royal highness is charming, beautiful, and funny all at the same time!

22 thoughts on “Now I’ve done my ABC’s, next time won’t you sing with me?

  1. Wow! Thanks! I’ve got one letter already: Gen with a G. 🙂
    But seriously, that was a great thank you speech. I better get in the shower and start working on mine. Also, well done with jocose. It will be difficult to equal that.

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