Life and Other Funny Things

I like cake.

It was my birthday yesterday. Yes, I’m a big girl now

I spent the day celebrating with two separate parties. And more importantly two cakes! TWO cakes.

Cake 1: The Best Chocolate Cake in the Whole World.

My friends and I  went to a nice restaurant for lunch (Dee was missing as she is currently all the way somewhere in north India.). After they sang me Happy Birthday, the table on the other side the restaurant started singing to their birthday girl (okay woman, she was turning 50), so we sang for them too. Then they wished me a happy birthday, hollering (yes, literally hollering) from across the restaurant. I don’t know what it is about wishing strangers a happy birthday, but it feels good 🙂

Then later, while I was stuffing my face with cake (I’m a huge fan of cake by the way), they all kept dropping bombs on me. I was too busy with cake to react appropriately, but this is what went through my head:

Friend 1: Guy We Went to School With got his nipples pierced!

In my head: First of all, why do I need to know whether or not Guy We Went to School With got his nipples pierced? Then how do YOU know that Guy We Went to School With got his nipples pierced? More importantly, do I want to know how you know about his various piercings?

Friend 2: I broke up with my boyfriend!

In my head: You broke up with your boyfriend?! But you’ve been together since high school! Love doesn’t exist! Oh, there isn’t any hope left for the rest of us! Love is all just a lie!!

Friend 3: I got engaged!

In my head: You’re engaged? You’re [CENSORED] engaged?! When the [CENSORED] did that happen? Where is my fiancé? Why don’t I have one?! There isn’t any hope left for me! Love is all just a lie! Oooh, wedding shopping!!

Friend 4: I’m pregnant!

Okay, the last one didn’t happen, but I had a feeling it would. The rest of the evening went fine, with me looking like a beautiful princess (that stuffs her face with more cake).

Today is gym day, where I burn off all of said cake. Butt meet stationary bike, bike meet butt.


16 thoughts on “I like cake.

  1. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to YOU! You were smart to continue consuming your cake during the bomb droppings…reactions can come later. You are right about wishing people happy birthday…it does have a “feel good” vibe!

    • Thank you!
      Reactions can wait, cake is more important!
      I think I might stalk outside a bakery just to tell people buying cake that a) I wish them a very happy birthday, and b) I wouldn’t mind being invited to the party for cake

  2. Happy birthday!!!!! And I love the picture you painted with your words about you and your girlfriends… It’s a lovely gift to us readers and right out of a great romantic comedy. 🙂

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