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Mr. Grumpy-pants

I got another pair of glasses! Everyone I meet seems to like to say “You got another pair of glasses?!”

I don’t think they quite realize how much I love glasses. Neither does the man who I get them done from. I mean, you would think that I would be his favorite customer. But I’m not. Because he doesn’t have favorite customers. He doesn’t even smile. I like to call him Mr. Grumpy-pants (very creative aren’t I?).

So I go to Mr. Grumpy-pants to collect my new vintage extremely oversized glasses. He takes them out, wipes them clean, and hands them to me frowning the whole time. I honestly wonder if his job is that stressful. No judgment or anything, but it must be pretty bad to want to frown every minute of every day.

I put them on. “Oh my gosh! I can see everything!” (I am not the shiniest penny if you haven’t guessed already)

My excitement can be clearly seen on my face (and heard, I tend to get pretty loud when I’m excited). The lady at the next counter even turned around to see what the fuss was all about.

“Are they comfortable?”  Mr. Grumpy-pants asks me

“They’re perfect! I love them!”

Then wonder of wonders, he smiles at me. Mr. Grumpy-pants SMILES at me. And not just a upturned corners smile, a big wide toothy grin!

Apparently, he’s never seen anyone get so excited over glasses. I don’t understand why. They should. You all should! Do me a favor, next time you buy a pair of glasses, pretend to be excited. You could make someone’s day!

Or you could just donate blood.


19 thoughts on “Mr. Grumpy-pants

  1. I just got new glasses as well, but I can’t say that I have LOTS of them, like you do. I’m kind of jealous. I probably would have lots of them (in all different colours, to match my outfit each day) if I could afford it but my prescription is super WEIRD, which actually translates as super expensive, and even with private health insurance I paid over $600 for my last pair.

    • Oh my that is expensive. I thought about getting different colors to match my outfit everyday, but it seemed like such a chore. Finding the glasses, matching them to my outfits. I’m too lazy for all that!

    • Really? I hated my glasses when I was younger!
      Good for you! Hope you love ’em! You should absolutely jump up and down in the store, those opticians don’t get enough excitement in their day 🙂

  2. I’m not a glasses wearer but I sometimes wish I was. I reckon I’d look super cool and intelligent with a pair of small, rectangle shaped glasses with a really thin black frame. I’m sure if I keep blogging, writing, producing music and playing video games I’ll wreck my eyes enough to warrant a nice pair lol!

    Glasses are cool 🙂


      • Hehe thanks 🙂 Yeah, of course I’m glad to have never had an issue with my vision but should I one day need glasses it certainly won’t be the end of the world 🙂


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