My Soulmate

I know I want it, I know it’s bad for me, but I know that I’ll be tossing and turning in bed without it.

Ice Cream

Sugar free Ice cream

What it is: Chemical goop that will probably kill you in large quantities

What it tastes like: Heaven. A magical place where your jeans never ever shrink.


  • Yummy
  • Great for midnight snacking
  • Guilt free eating
  • Therapy for less than $20
  • Emotional healer


  • Possibility of dying

I love sugar free ice cream. I don’t care that it’s bad for me. I don’t care that I don’t get a sugar rush from it. I don’t care if you judge me. I LOVE it.

It’s the Edward Cullen to my Bella. The Christian Grey to my Ana Steele. The other hopeless book character to my terrible cliche.

It’s my soul mate.

I love ice cream.


17 thoughts on “My Soulmate

  1. Miss Four Eyes,
    So I receive an email notifications: “Miss Four Eyes: My Soulmate”, and I’m all excited! Finally her post about Le Clown…………….
    Le Clown

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