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Am I a hipster?

I was at a party and a slightly drunk young man and I were having a conversation (which is to say he was talking about his totally rad new car and I was politely nodding and saying that’s pretty cool with feigned interest). Next thing he asks me “So are you, like, a hipster or somethin?”

Me, a hipster? Um, no sir, I don’t do hipster. I mean I like being unique and individual, but I am in no way a hipster.

But now that I think about it, could I be? Lets see shall we

  • Do you have a pair of large glasses? Yes. But I have a prescription!
  • Would you consider yourself artistic? Yes.
  • Do you have a messenger bag? Yes. But I carry my laptop to class!
  • Do you own more than one flannel shirt? Yes. But their just so comfy! And have you seen the kind of women’s tops they sell now? I do not want to dress like a stripper thank you very much.
  • Do you carry your iPod around with you? Um, yes, but only because I get bored sometimes.
  • Are you a health nut? Yes.
  • Do you reject conventional religious figures? Not exactly….. my religion is Google. Google is conventional right?
  • How are your feelings about typing in Arial font? No! NO! No Arial! Anything but Arial!
  • Do you frequently shop at a thrift store/ vintage store/ urban outfitters? Yes.
  • Are you opposed to wearing brand names? Yes, but only because I’m on a college student’s non-existent salary. The only kinds of brands I can afford are not the ones you really want to be parading around in public.
  • Do you listen to mainstream music? Yes.

So there it is folks, I am NOT a hipster. I listen to mainstream music. That makes me a regular person with really weird tastes in fashion.


I’m more like Urkel, you see


23 thoughts on “Am I a hipster?

  1. That was close! I was really getting worried. Although, it could have been worse. Imagine if he’d asked, “So, uh, are you, like, a xenophobic, racist, white trash chick or somethin’?”

    • Haha! That would have been way worse considering that I am foreign, part of the races frequently discriminated against, and most definitely not white!
      Okay, now I kinda want someone to say that to me, it would be funny!

  2. How about you are the prototype unawares, unconcerned — just you being you, attracting those of us who are unable to summon an original idea, thought, style, etc. — those of us seeking someone to follow. The irony is that usually this ‘someone’ doesn’t even know that they are quite the hipster. 🙂

    • Really? Darn!
      But only denial makes a true hipster, so if I were to accept it then I wouldn’t be a hipster. If however, I choose to remain in denial then I would be a real hipster. But if I deny that I’m a hipster, knowing all the while that by doing so it would make me a hipster, thereby accepting that I am in fact a hipster, it would mean that I’m not a hipster. And we’re back at denial. Its a vicious cycle.
      Okay, my head hurts now.

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