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A Seinfeld situation

I was at the mall with some friends. It had one of the most enormous parking lots ever with several stories. We lost her car. We LOST it! It was gone. We remembered the pillar color, and the letter, and the number. But where was said color/letter/number?! If we found one, we couldn’t find the other. It was exhausting. A good thirty minutes (and an ice cream and soft pretzel) later, we finally found it tucked neatly exactly where we’d parked it.

It reminded me of that Seinfeld episode. (Don’t ever say this to anyone born after 1989. They won’t know what you’re talking about.)


12 thoughts on “A Seinfeld situation

  1. I love how there’s always a Seinfield episode you can compare it to a real life situation. If there isn’t, then, there will be for sure a Friends’ one.

    • I love Seinfeld! We were actually considering waiting until closing time, so that all the cars would’ve left and we could finally find ours! So glad we didn’t have to do that

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