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Murder in the house

My dog killed a lizard.

It was just sitting there up on the wall. I half-squealed (a half squeal is where you want to squeal like a girl that’s terrified of lizards and other creepy crawlies, but then realize that you aren’t that girl), and Princess Fussypaws ( I need to protect her identity so that isn’t her real name) came to the rescue! Da-da-da!

The victim

The victim

She pounced on the wall, nearly knocking over the very large vase I keep there for absolutely no reason, caught it IN HER MOUTH (ewww), and then dropped it to the floor terrified. It was dead. She looked up at me with a ‘What now?’ expression. While all I could think of was how I would need to thoroughly brush her teeth.

On one hand I’m glad Princess Fussypaws, the very same dog that refuses to eat broken crackers because they are not up to her standards of perfection, killed a lizard. On the other hand, I’m not so sure I should be condoning violence. Princesses do not murder little baby reptiles.

She isn’t well today. She’s been curled up in a little ball all day. I think she might be suffering a guilty conscience.

Guilty Dog

Suffering from the guilt


27 thoughts on “Murder in the house

  1. I wish I had Princess Fussypaws by my side today… on my way home I’ve seen about ten lizards. I was horrified and I had no one to protect me! The only thing I could do was to let out a few high pitched screams…

    • Oh no! That sounds horrible!
      Maybe they were all running away from a giant lizard man like in the new Spiderman! I will ask Princess Fussypaws to inspect the situation right away

    • Sometimes I think they’re praying for the dead creature’s soul, sometimes I think they’re reveling in their victory. Other times, I think the dogs might just be thinking about how the thing ruined their nap

  2. Murder in the house 🙂
    My cat once ate a lizard and got really really sick, I honestly thought he was gonna skip his paws. Antibiotics saved his life. The vet told me, that many lizards, are packed with germs. Too much for most cats and dogs to handle. Friends of mine lost a dog that way.

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