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The Dark Knight Rises a lot more amazing

I was never a huge Batman fan. Anyone remember Batman & Robin?! Oh the HORROR! The Dark Knight was fine, but I was kind of rooting for the Joker the whole time. But I went to see The Dark Knight Rises anyway. It was fantastic! And so was the crowd!

I never thought I was the kind of person who says a crowd is fantastic, but they were. It was the first show of the premier in my area, and everyone was cheering when Christian Bale came up on screen. The first time he had his batman costume on, CHEER!  Bruce Wayne in one of his awesome cars, CHEER! Batman gives someone permission to die, CHEER! It was fun, I’ve never seen people so enthusiastic for a movie before. But I guess that’s what batman does to you.

Then Michael Caine is on screen (nobody cheered) and all I could think of looking at him was that this man was extremely attractive in the 60s! Just look at him. Sigh


I wish was around in the 60s. That way there would be a beautiful Michael Caine to ogle at in drive-in theatres, and I could also be a hippie.

All in all, the movie was pretty great. If you’re a fan of superhero films, if you like lots of mildly violent butt kicking, or if you want to see Anne Hathaway in a tight leather suit, you should go see it! Or you could just go for the wonderful Michael Caine.


15 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises a lot more amazing

  1. I didn’t like that much the first movie and during the second one I only had eyes for the Joker, but if you say we should go see it then I will! Although, I will ask for a crowd at least, as half as entertaining and fantastic as yours.

    • The Joker was the best! I wanted him to win! The last movie was so disappointing, everyone dies. I like movies with happy endings, thank you very much.
      You should probably announce that they are to cheer for everything. Tell them that if they don’t, you’ll talk on the phone all through the movie

  2. Charlotte B makes a good point- the lust will always favor the bad guys because they’re just so darn sexier than the clean Batmen of the world. Hooray for a leathered Hathaway!!

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