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I sincerely advise that you decline any dinner invitations from me

Yesterday was a slow day, the kind where you just don’t feel like doing anything at all. But I decided to cook anyway, despite my mind begging me to just starve for the night.

The recipe needed me to grind up some nuts. I located the grinder (a quite difficult task in and of itself). After I put the nuts in, I realized there was an ant inside. A normal person would consider taking the nuts out and the ant, and maybe even washing the grinder. Not me. No, I thought ‘Can you eat ants?’. Yup. I seriously considered grinding the little sucker up with my food and EATING it.


What are you so scared of? It’s so cute!

Yes you can eat them, in case you were wondering. I Googled it. They’re mostly protein, and something about being beneficial for your eyes.

Did I eat it? No. But I have eaten an ant before. I was 10, and some creep put some ants in my lemonade. I didn’t realize until after I took a sip. I don’t think the eye thing is true though, I wear prescription glasses.


20 thoughts on “I sincerely advise that you decline any dinner invitations from me

    • Perhaps it’s normal then! I think the time to worry would be when we’re too lazy to get rid of the living worm that’s curled up next to the mini mountain of mold in our food.

  1. But did you only start wearing rx lenses after the lemonade incident? If so, you may be able to sue those ants for false advertising and negligence.

  2. This had me tittering — hilarious! I believe we eat bugs everyday and don’t know. That’s really messed up that someone put ants in the lemonade. I saw a national geo show where some natives sat around a muddy anthill gorging themselves on ants. The voice over said indeed they were a source of protein.

    • And to think we go around looking for good sources of protein when they’ve been right in front of us the whole time! Who needs those expensive protein shakes? I got an ant problem I need to eat up!

  3. The great thing is you Googled the benefits of the insect diet just in case you have to think twice about tossing good food again. Thanks for the dietary lesson!

  4. Oh wow, you’re a brave soul. I wouldn’t recommend eating all the ants you find, though. I’ve heard that some species have a lot of formic acid in them, which probably wouldn’t do your meal or digestive system much good.

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