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I’m the girl with a dozen shower caps

Moms are great. You know that obviously. But they really are great for so many many reasons. One of them is that they bring you things that you need as opposed to things that you want.

You wanted a pony for your birthday? They bring you a bond for your college fund (thanks mom). You may resent them for it at the time, but gosh do those bonds help!

I told my Ma about the horrible day I had. First, my shower cap falls in the sink before I can put it on, becoming completely useless to shield my hair from the water. Then the soles of my favorite shoes decided to come off. And to top that off, it starts raining the one time I don’t carry an umbrella! On the bright side, it didn’t make a difference that my hair was wet.

The next day she shows up with a gift for me. She bought me shower caps. Notice the S at the end of caps. A pack of 12.

Pack of 12 Shower Caps

Different colors, she says, to match the dozen scrunchies she bought me last year

I will never have wet hair again! If one gets wet I just pull out another! (Yes, I am entirely capable of keeping at least one dry)

I love you Mom!


15 thoughts on “I’m the girl with a dozen shower caps

  1. Now that’s just parenting at its best. Now what do parents get their girls to keep the hair out of the bathtub drain?

    • Its like they can read minds and tell the future at the same time! And to think that people have spent billions developing mind-reading and future-telling computers when all these moms could do it the whole time

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