The Sexy Calendar

Calahan suggested that I wear all of my shower caps and take a picture. So I did.

12 Shower Caps

(Instagram: My little way of hiding the fact that I take really bad pictures)

He also said that I could take one picture per shower cap and make my own sexy calendar. But I don’t think you guys could handle all that sexy in one post. So maybe another time.


35 thoughts on “The Sexy Calendar

  1. Miss four Eyes,
    I don’t know if I should thank you, or Le Calahan for this picture… Perhaps both? You are indeed a hipster (shower cap AND InstaGram).
    Le Clown

      • Having me in a calendar pretty much negates anyone every wanting to hang it. Unless the calendar is Awkward Photos Of Un-photogenic People. Then, I’m in!

  2. I couldn’t help wondering what a Victoria’s Secret model would look like wearing all her bras and thongs at the same time. And a pair of wings. Look what you did to my mind!

    Too much sexy all at once.

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