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A moth saw me naked

I was taking a shower – you know, the usual, just washing my niece’s spit up out of my hair while trying not to throw up myself – when I saw it, the King of Moths.

I never took myself for the type of girl that is afraid of creepy crawlies. I mean, a spider lives on my shower curtain (her name is Betty) and I’ve attempted to eat an ant! And once, I even saw a bat asleep outside my window and all I did was shrug.

But this was different. It was huge!  It was just sitting there on my door staring at me with the fake eyes on its wings, and I was naked. I half-squealed and it moved causing me to full-squeal. It just fluttered around as I wrapped the shower curtain around me attempting to hide (hoping that Betty wasn’t on it). It settled on the window, and I calmed down too. It’s just as afraid of you as you are of it, right?

I don’t know I’ll let you decide.

Giant Moth

Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that taking a picture for your blog is more important than fear.


55 thoughts on “A moth saw me naked

    • Thanks! I was trying to get the creepy eyes on it’s wings to come up in the shot, but it just wouldn’t happen. See, I don’t take bad pictures, I’m just a really good gothic photographer 😀

  1. I’m miles away of that moth but It’s scaring me to death! You were really brave taking a picture of that disguisting creepy little thing. If I were you I would have run faster than Roadrunner.

    • The thing was even bigger than in the picture! I actually did try to run, but I don’t have any of those little no-slip ducks to keep you from falling, so that didn’t work out very well. Fortunately, I’m still in one piece

  2. I’m so terrified of moths, and my mom told me that moths have spirits of dead people in them! I’m guessing it’s an old wives tale because my grandma said the same thing.

      • Haha I’m sure it’s not true, otherwise I think I would’ve been possessed by now. I get stalked by a lot of moths!

        • Phew, you had me worried there! Because now I think that Betty might have eaten the thing. So if the moth was possessed by spirits, and Betty ate the moth, then would that mean that Betty is possessed by spirits? Or did they die with the moth?
          Spirits are so complicated!

        • Maybe the spirit just wanders off into the air… looking for another moth. because they can’t die twice.

    • Glad to see that someone actually likes Larry! (I named the moth Larry)
      Just for you I googled types of moths and looked at a lot of creepy pictures of them. But I just don’t know. It was really big though, if that helps, bigger than the picture

  3. I just checked out the moth’s Facebook page and there are, um, snapshots of you showering. You might wanna put out a cease and desist or a bug zapper.

  4. A moth flew into my ear once… I could feel its hairy little legs scratching away at my eardrum, a few times it tried fluttered its wings looking for the way out. It felt like someone was beating my ear with a stick when that was happening… You are welcome for the nightmare this comment induces 🙂

  5. Miss Four Eyes,
    I know moth like these ones. Flesh eaters. All of them. When you sleep, they will breathe your air. And when you’re in bed, they will lick your fingers if your hand touches the floor. And if you’re in the bathroom, they will use your lipstick and write stuff in your mirror. And if you own a rabbit, they will boil it. And they always, always take the blue pill.
    Le Clown

  6. Just think of it as a nighttime butterfly–since that’s pretty much all moths are. Turn off all the lights except for one, the moth will fly to it, and you can humanely get rid of it. Or let the spider eat it; spiders need food.

    • That’s a really great idea! Thankfully (or not, depending on how you see it) I don’t know where it went. I want to say that Betty ate it, but you never know. It could always be somewhere else robbing a bank or whatever nighttime butterflies do

  7. Looks like a card from Batman’s Rorschach test.

    “I see a bat.”

    “But Mr. Wayne, it’s actually a moth…”

    “I see a bat.”

    • Does it look like a card from Batman’s Rorschach test or do you see a bat? Are you Batman?!!
      It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me. I’ll keep your little secret.

  8. I have a confession… I have mottephobia. (I’m deathly afraid of moths.) If I saw a moth in the shower, you could probably hear my scream all the way in NY. As my friends know, the last time I saw a moth, I made my best guy friend squish it. (Btw, thanks, Chase. I totally owe you one.) I’m cool with spiders, bees, hornets, wasps, and snakes, but I can’t stand moths, butterflies, or birds. I know… I’m weird.

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