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Princesses do not play with Paupers

Her highness Princess Fussypaws made a stray friend a couple of weeks ago. He isn’t around anymore. We think he went to the farm where dogs and bunnies frolic in the meadows without a care in the world. He did however leave my dog with a horrible skin infection.

I had to take her to the vet, where she got three shots. She hates me now. Princess Fussypaws refuses to even look at me after she gets ONE shot. This is three. I’m not sure how much time of the royal cold shoulder we’re looking at here, I’m thinking until lunchtime. The vet also rubbed in some ointment that will make my poor baby all better. Only now, people think it’s a doggy dye job gone wrong. Her majesty is so embarrassed she won’t even leave the house to take care of her royal “duties”.

Purple Dog

At least it’s the color of royalty

Moral of the story: Princesses do not play with paupers


19 thoughts on “Princesses do not play with Paupers

  1. Oh my! Poor baby! Jake (my cat) will try to ignore me but since he wants me to know that he is ignoring me he will yell endlessly without looking at me for about 4 hours. This happens when I take a vacation and leave him with a sitter. Good luck and let’s hope it’s only until lunch. Food is a great motivator for pets. Have you tried explaining to him that the dye job is very trendy these days?

    • Princess Fussypaws does that too! Vacations are great, but she makes me feel so guilty afterwards!
      I did try to explain it. But according to her royalty don’t follow trends, they set trends. Sadly her grassy fur trend is still coming in.

    • Not exactly sure what its called, but its the kind that happens when skin is left wet for too long. It happens to humans too. It’s weird though, since Princess Fussypaws is always dry.

    • Poor cat! Hope he’s better now, sticky ointment can’t be comfortable.
      I think we should take a few tips from our pets on how to perfect the cold shoulder. They do it so well! All I feel is guilt

  2. Wow, she acts just like a cat. I’m glad to see the poor baby is getting better, though. If there is a doggie equivalent to the Temptations cat treats, you should get it for her. (Temptations are like kitty crack. If we so much as crinkle a plastic bag in our house, we get at least one pair of feline eyes locked on us in hope.)

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