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Just another case of the crazies

I know its only been four days since I posted anything, but it feels like weeks in my head. I’ve just been…..I don’t know. Restless? Thinky (that’s when you think way too much)? My head feels like it’s turned upside down. Anyway, my problems are unimportant, lets just chalk it up to a case of the crazies.

I think I might have an anxiety disorder. The doc’s verdict is yet to come. But it could just be hypochondria. Which got me to thinking – I’m a hypochondriac if I think I have some sort of an illness. That means I’m a hypochondriac if I think I’m a hypochondriac.

I hear there are meds out there for hypochondria. But don’t you think the whole point is missing?  If I take meds for getting rid of my hypochondriac-ness, then isn’t that feeding my belief that something is wrong with me, thereby concluding that I am a hypochondriac?

So would the meds ever help? I mean, as long as I believe that something is wrong with me, I will take the meds. If they work and get rid of my paranoia of being sick, I’ll stop taking them because I’m better. Then effect of the medicine will wear out, and since I’m a hypochondriac at heart I’ll start getting paranoid all over again. It’s a vicious cycle!

Hypochondria Cycle

Oh gosh, I have a headache.


23 thoughts on “Just another case of the crazies

  1. Miss Four Eyes,
    The cure for hypochondria are Woody Allen movies. I am currently in a very high state of anxiety, mostly since my return from Nova Scotia. My doctor suggested I try Effexor, which I started last week. So far, I can’t stand the side effects: sweats, shakes and edginess, but they will pass, I have been told.
    Good luck with all of it, friend.
    Le Clown

    • Woody Allen, eh? Must try, which do your recommend first?
      I’m not really a prescription drug person. I hate the little list of side effects! I worry that I’ll drive myself crazy worrying about the side effects before even take the drug…..I do have an anxiety disorder don’t I?
      I really hope Effexor works for you. Anxiety is horrible.

      • MFE,
        I myself am not a big supporter of Big Pharma, as you might have already noticed with my Black Box Warnings blog. But sometimes, a quick fix will help until the deeper issues are tackled.
        Le Clown

  2. I suffered from hypochondria for years — I believe it was from the fact that I had a serious illness when I was a kid and that my parents were really young and kind of neurotic.

    Over the years with maturity and growth and the reminder to myself that the mind is a powerful thing that could be used in my favor, I’m better — still neurotic, but better.

    I used liquor and tranquilizers for years — self medication — which is of course not good. I don’t do that anymore. Good luck — feel better…

  3. My brother’s first wife was that cycle. She had serious mental/emotional issues–got meds, felt better, quit taking her meds because she was better, got way worse. I don’t know if I’m hoping you don’t have Anxiety disorder or if you do. The first is good because you know there’s nothing wrong; the second is good because you know what you’re feeling is real. It’s kind of a no-win/win-win situation. If that makes any sense.

    Maybe I need some meds.

    • Thanks Purplemary, I hope your brother’s first wife is better now. I absolutely hate it when my anxiety hits, it must be hell for her to be living like that. I can’t even begin to imagine what she feels like.
      If I had a choice, I think I might pick hypochondria. That way I’ll make sure that nobody around me is ever sick. The littlest symptoms, and I’m taking them to the doctor! Me being a hypochondriac benefits everyone really

  4. I have anxiety and employ Big Pharma just to get on Le Clown’s nerves. Seriously, funny post and good points there. Whatever you do, don’t research your symptoms on WebMd. You just did, didn’t you? 🙂

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