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What my dog reads

I know what you’re thinking. I don’t have a life outside of Le Clown’s contest.

Well, I do. And I’d rather not tell you about it because it involves sticking my head in the toilet every 5 minutes, stuffing tissues up my nose to the point where I can’t breathe, and sweating like a pig even though pigs don’t really sweat at all.

No, I’m not pregnant (you are welcome, world). I just have the flu.

Anyway, back to the contest. Le Clown said that we’d get points for taking a picture like Brother Jon’s. And even though I’ve forgotten what the contest was about and why I’m still playing, it’s fun and I realized that I have a dog.

Dog reading

Princess Fussypaws reading A Clown On Fire

I also have a coconut who is a lot more cooperative about taking pictures than Princess Fussypaws.

Coconut reading

Cokey the coke headed coconut getting his daily fix of A Clown On Fire

Now excuse me. I must go regurgitate (in a very lady-like manner, of course)


32 thoughts on “What my dog reads

  1. Miss Four Eyes!!
    Well, I asked for one, and you gave me 2 pictures…. Here is a smashing 14 points for you!! I will post your pic in my post Monday! Congrats!!!
    Le Clown

    • Pets. They want all the attention to themselves! When you really think about it, Garfield was probably the best little kitty. He kept to himself and did NOT scratch any kind of screen
      Thanks, Purplemary 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m a lot better now
      Hehe, you too, huh? There is nothing wrong with having tissues sticking out of your nose and looking like a walrus……until someone walks in on you

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