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Leaving the nest…where the clean toilets are

Tom wrote this really sweet post about flying the nest.

We’ve all done it. I’ve stressed half my hair down the drain thinking about living alone. We all have our own way of coping. Some people learn to do the laundry the right way (Jeans in hot or cold? HOT OR COLD DAMNIT!!), some learn how to cook (and then the hot water goes into the cup, and a minute later you have noodles!), others decide to take it all as it comes (which is to say buy new underwear every day and order pizza every night for 4 years straight).

I made the very wise decision of going to the trolls of YouTube for help. They may all be trolls, but they are helpful trolls.
Scariest part first, cleaning the toilet. Dun-dun-dun!

Yay! Wasn’t that fun? Um no. I happen to be very conscious of cross contamination, and probably a germaphobe. Let’s just say, things did not go well. A tiny drop of water splashed on my face when I flushed. The screaming that commenced was completely involuntary and I am not proud of it. I took a shower just to be safe and scrubbed my face red (given my brown skin, turning red is actually harder than you think)

I’ve come a long way since then. Cleaning a toilet is not “gross”. It needs to be done. I use a hockey mask now. But that’s just until I can get a real Hazmat suit.


23 thoughts on “Leaving the nest…where the clean toilets are

  1. Wow, thanks for posting that EXTREMELY helpful video. I now realise how poor my attempts at toilet-cleaning have been. Also, thanks for linking to my post. I wish you luck on your journey to becoming a domestic goddess.

  2. I feel so childish for laughing when she said, “… box below…”

    Also, I want that sound track for the next time I clean the bathroom… which may be tonight. It was an inspiring video after all.

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