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Daddy Dearest

My father is one of the best people in the world. He really is. He is strong (he can lift two whole cartons of milk in one hand and make it look like nothing), he’s a great cook (he’s never burnt toast in his life), and he’s smart (he only had one child after all). He’s also big on budgeting. Yesterday he decided that since the economic conditions are not getting much better he would cut his own hair instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a haircut.


Shaved head

The word is trendy.

The batteries of his razor ran out, bad economic conditions indeed.  He left it to charge, about an hour later this happened:

Going Bald

Poor daddy

The razor stopped working again! I’m supposed to be the good daughter and support him through this tragedy. But it was just too hilarious to go un-photographed!

Oh, did I mention that this was just before a very important business breakfast? He wore my hat. For some reason I actually own a fedora (I’m really really not a hipster!), so I convinced him that in the battle between baseball caps and fedoras, fedoras always win. Sadly, the hat was the source of many jokes all through breakfast. He couldn’t even take it off.

What he learnt:

  1. Don’t try to shave your own head
  2. Don’t wear fedoras
  3. If you have a daughter, don’t ever introduce her to the internet. There could be posts like this about you in 20 years.

26 thoughts on “Daddy Dearest

  1. Miss Four Eyes,
    Oh my. Oh my. I love your father. This is a true story: I shave my own hair off. I use a clipper. And the batteries always die in the process. So it always takes a few clipping session. This is great! I’m not the only one!
    Le Clown

    • I don’t see why everyone doesn’t wear toupees. They’re easier to handle than wigs and they take off so much time getting ready in the morning. You just put one on and out you go! You don’t even need to get properly dressed, cause lets face it, with such fantastic hair nobody is looking at your clothes anymore.

    • Hmm….it was a total of around 5 hours! After he came back his razor finally started working like it was supposed to. I think these electronic devices like to play pranks of their own, sneaky little things

  2. I actually died laughing at this! You know what it reminds me of? That scene from the movie Matilda where Matilda puts glue in her dad’s fedora and then it sticks to his head and when her mom tears it off there’s just patches of hat and hair all over his head.

  3. I once cut a mates hair with clippers, I forgot to put an attachment on and so cut a massive swathe across his head, blade only, it was rather short after that.

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