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Bloggers for Movember

I just realized that I never blogged about the Movember badge on the side over there –>

I really thought I did. But I didn’t  Because I’m getting old and forgetting things now. It was nice knowing you all, I hope I remember you tomorrow.

Alrighty then, moving on!

Movember is a month-long event during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male mental health issues.
I’m supporting this because Le Clown was right, hipsters love a good mustache the cause helps raise awareness for early cancer detection. I think this part is the most important. Everyone knows that the earlier cancer is detected, the sooner treatments can be given to save the patient.
My aunt passed away of breast cancer. She didn’t go for a check up until it was too late. So when my mother’s best friend got detected with it a couple of years ago, I was pretty scared. She’s okay now. It’s gone. The cancer is gone, because it doesn’t have to mean the end. You can be treated for it. And I think raising awareness for this is really important  because sometimes men act like big babies about going to the doctor.

I ask you join Le Clown and so many other bloggers in Bloggers for Movember.

For more details on Movember and what you can to do contribute, head on over to A Clown on Fire.

You might just save the world. Just like Superman.


This could be you!

35 thoughts on “Bloggers for Movember

  1. * flies through the air *
    * still flying *
    Damn, I’m still workin’ on a post on Movember. Thanks for the reminder, and a super post on Superman.
    Also, I dig the Superman that pops out in the comments. Such hotness, isn’t he?

  2. Miss Four Eyes,
    All week, Becca told Le Clown: Let’s share her article on our Facebook page.
    And Le Clown said: Yes, that’s a magnificent™ idea!
    Then Le Clown saw a squirrel and got distracted… A squirrel with no ‘stache.

    Miss Four Eyes, I’m so very sorry for being a bastard of a Le Clown this week. Your article is on our Facebook page, and if Christopher Reeves would still be alive, he would be kicking my buttocks for it…
    Thank you, MFE, for the exposure. It’s truly appreciated.
    Le Clown

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