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I’m a bad Aunt

I was online looking for something I could give my baby niece. I found this:



I wanted something she could keep forever in memory of her favorite aunt. This will probably need years of therapy for her to get over. Good thing it says Mommy though, that way I’m still the favorite aunt. 😀


40 thoughts on “I’m a bad Aunt

  1. I bet your sister/sister in law loves you forever now. I’m actually in the middle of drafting a post severely mocking these onesies. I swear my ovaries have gone into hiding because of these.

    • I can’t wait to see your post! There are some pretty awful ones out there. I found a website called Pee&Poo that makes baby clothes with little cartoons of pee and poop. It’s hilarious, but I don’t know a single person that would actually buy them

  2. The horror. Lol. What makes me smile is that she’ll be drooling and spitting and pooping in that onesie. What makes me shudder is that it might be true of some people. Are there more people naming their kids Ana and Christian? I don’t want to know. I could imagine that talk later on. Who am I named after, Mommy?

    I once gave a friend a onesie that said 100 precent organic (she was annoyingly vegan then)

    • Oh gosh, what if people are out baby making using tips from E.L. James? The name Christian should just be banned for the next five years at least. And Anastasia should only be used by parents who want their daughter to have very low self esteem and become a pole dancer.

      ‘Who am I named after, Mommy?’ Alice, you crack me up!

        • Good grief, no! Why would they willingly connect themselves to that book? Is it possible that people out in the real world actually liked this book and believe it to be their new sex bible?
          I hate her the most for ruining ice cream for me. Vanilla was one of my favorites.

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