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Blocked and Backed up

I’ve been sitting here for the past hour trying to come up with something to write about. I’m blocked. Completely, entirely blocked.

So here, a fantastic insight into what goes on in my head:

  • brony would make a really nice boyfriend.
  • Rainbow bunnies are not cute.
  • I should floss more.
  • I look like I should be a politician’s wife with this dreadful haircut. I should really start taking more interest in politics then. Nobody else will want me with this hair.
  • I wonder if anyone else blogs naked.
  • Professor M picked his nose in class yesterday. I wonder where he wipes. Must avoid that spot.
  • I should really take a shower. I’m already naked anyway.
  • It’s so sad that I can’t say vagina anymore now that it’s gone mainstream. Not that I’m a hipster or anything. Hipsters would never blog naked, they’d have a fedora at least.
  • I like pink lemonade better than beer. Does this make me a bad college student?
  • Maybe I should date a politician. I always liked their hair. I wonder if they have tattoos.
  • I should learn to sing. Maybe then my dream of people applauding as I come out of the shower will finally come true.
  • I like sweaters.


My apologies for putting you through this.

60 thoughts on “Blocked and Backed up

  1. I think most of us have blogged naked at least once (a day).
    I have the same dream, being able to sing like a pro, mine gets a little complicated as my dream is to sing like a soprano and reach those incredibly high notes, too late for that, my parents decided not to nutter me, which was a good call btw.

  2. “I should really take a shower. I’m already naked anyway.”
    Why are you doing this to me? I’m at work! I can’t have the images this line evokes dancing around my head!
    Plus, the wife will find out and kill me, I just know it…
    BTW, hilarious “non-post!”

    • Hook, I’m so sorry! I thought that line would compel people to look at pictures of cute little puppies just to be rid of the revolting images it evoked. *Sigh* The one person who doesn’t think of me like that is already taken. Tell the wife she’s a lucky, luck lady.

  3. “I look like I should be a politician’s wife with this dreadful haircut. I should really start taking more interest in politics then. Nobody else will want me with this hair.” Well, for the next six weeks definitely avoid wearing pearls, a smart pantsuit, and carrying a sensible clutch. Maybe drink some of that beer you don’t like to counter-balance the whole Future First Lady thing.

  4. I didn’t like beer in college. And still don’t. I like cider (which is like juice-beer. Dangerously delicious.). so you’re not a bad college student. Plus, college students AREN’T supposed to like beer, cause they’re drinking nadie light and bud light and other gross light, cheap things!

    And I’m jealous of your naked posting. I get too cold. And I can’t sleep naked, cause I get weird nightmares that make me sleep-dress. :p

    Also, definitely avoid the nose-picking professor. Gross.

    • It’s that darn bud light isn’t it? I will never win any beer chugging contests like you all because of cheap old bud light 😦 What is the point of even going to college?!

      Kate suggested a boa for naked blogging, would that help? And I can’t sleep naked either. I have weird dreams as it is, and sleeping naked causes me to be naked in my dreams. Depending on how you look at it, this may be a good thing. Usually it isn’t 😛

      Surprisingly he’s one of the most normal professors I have. I’d take the nose picking to Professor Spits-a-lot and Mrs. Angry Feminist.

      • Well, I’ll admit, that’s why I’m good at chugging – the stuff is so gross you drink it faster to get it over with >.< Don't worry – you still have time young padowan.

        And I think Kate's suggestion is good – boas are fashionable, comfortable, and sexy. So really, no downside! Unless you get one of those weird fetish guys who really likes boas… I guess that's a downside… And I totally have the same thing with naked dreams! If I'm naked, I'm naked in the dream! (And I think we both agree, those are never good dreams! Sadly…)

  5. I’ve blogged naked, I like that Vagina has become mainstream, don’t like beer or pink lemonade, could never date a liar – so obviously politicians are out.
    Your head is an interesting place to be – in a totally uncreepy way.

    • You are awesome for blogging naked, I liked it when people gasped at vagina, how’s orangeade then? I agree with you about the liar part, I should get another haircut. Maybe really short and spikey, I could date a biker guy and wear leather jackets.
      Thank you for calling my head uncreepy! I can tell the other guys in there now.

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