Proud to be Team Vagina!

Stork Hunting

Okay girls, you knew this was coming. My last post inspired a Team Vagina following, so this post is dedicated to girl’s best friend: The Vagina

Our vaginas are unsung heroes. They live in dark damp conditions, we keep shoving cold hard gynaecological instruments inside them and give them no thanks when they produce a clean pap smear. We sometimes introduce them to partners who have no idea how to treat them well and every so often we force them to push out tiny human beings.

We are not kind to our vaginas and yet they keep on taking a beating without so much as a word of complaint.

So today I am celebrating our vaginas.

First we need a mascot. Isn’t she just too cute? There just couldn’t be another mascot could there?

There’s also a delightful activity book for all vagina lovers. Yes ladies, you can now buy

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