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Thank you, Heroic Shirtless Firemen


I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But I like the idea of it (you know minus the killing and betrayal and stuff). I guess being thankful for everything we have isn’t exactly something we do every day. So here are some things I am thankful for today:

  • Heroic shirtless firemen.
  • Salad dressings. Salad is just wrong without them.
  • Toothpaste. Think of all the bad breath that would have been drifting around all over the world otherwise.
  • Internet memes. No better way to pass time when you are required to do real work.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey. For inspiring me to write more. If James can get published anyone can.
  • Being able to say that I come from the land of the Kama Sutra. Yeah.
  • Instagram. Without it people might know about my horrible photography skills.
  • Being unable to grow facial hair. That stuff tickles!

Not quite as sexy as Becca’s Jackstache, but this look drives Sad Pony and Squirrel wild!

  • My glasses. Sure people think I’m a lesbian. Yes, they knock people in the face when they lean in too close. But they’re the only way I don’t walk into walls.
  • Having been overweight. I don’t think I’d appreciate the way I look now if I hadn’t been.
  • Blogs. What on earth did I used to do with my free time before?!
  • My parents. THE most important people in my life.
  • My dog. Nothing better than a slobber party when you get home after a long day.
  • My friends and blog friends. ALL of you. You guys are the best. You’re the ones that keep me sane crazy. I don’t know what I’d do without you 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Save me some pie.


59 thoughts on “Thank you, Heroic Shirtless Firemen

    • Men in uniforms……sigh. Do you think that if we were in grave danger (like say locked out of our house for 20 minutes) and we yelled out old movie style “Help! Someone save me!”, these men would rip their shirts off to rescue us? We must test this out at once!

    • We’re all going to be rich and famous some day I know it! They’ll tell stories of our humble beginnings and our little blogs. We’re going to be the next E.L. James , ahem, J.K. Rowling!

  1. You know, you’re just about the only person besides myself that actually has some affection for her glasses. I like mine because otherwise, my face would be totally forgettable.

  2. You’re from India? Cool! My best friend’s from India too, or at least, he’s born here in The Netherlands, but his parents are from India. So, besides dreaming of a world full of twelve eyed cyborgs named Captain Side-FX, we have that in common too! 😉

    Oh, and I dated an Indian girl once a long time ago. Right after the first date I was immediately pulled aside by her biggest brother for a man-to-man talk and was introduced to the parents afterwards… It was pretty weird and I was 14 at the time, so needless to say I made a run for it. Hahaha…

    But I’m rambling, I am thankful for you as well, as you brightened up my day today for calling me “The prettiest Daan you ever met!”


  3. I grew a moustache this summer to stop me looking like a lesbian. Or was it to stop a lesbian looking at me? Maybe it was to stop me looking at lesbians. I suppose I’ll have to shave it off to remember the reason.

    • Yup. I don’t usually wear the big ones out (the ones in the picture), I have smaller rectangular glasses glasses for everyday. They’re less silly, but a friend once explained to me that they were lesbian glasses. I didn’t know glasses had sexual preferences. Sadly for me, the lesbians know that I’m not on their team so aren’t attracted to me either.

        • that depends on how she feels about a guest post i recently sent her that i wrote for another blogger. and that sentence won’t make any sense unless you actually read what i’m talking about. neither will that. damn. vicious cycle. circle. round thing.

        • ok. deep breath. i asked about guys not being interested in you, suggested it was nuts. you reacted to me being interested but you weren’t sure how becca would react. i’m saying that how becca might have reacted last week might be different than how she’d react today after i sent her a guest post that i wrote for another blogger. the post was about my dating adventures after getting divorced 12 years ago. there were some pretty wild stories, 100% true. so now that she’s read that, she may have a different reaction in general about me. some steamy, dirty, juicy, sloppy stories. if you’re interested in reading them, e-mail me and i’ll send you a link. brainsnorts(a)

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