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It’s Sunday and I’m Naked


I don’t have anything to hide, I only fear that it’s too sexy for you to handle.

Rarasaur found out that The Naked Blogger she had been looking for was right here all along! I am The Naked Blogger! Yup, my nakedness and sexy mustache caught her attention. You may now forever call me The Naked Blogger.

Skinny Dipping

Naked: The only way to blog


53 thoughts on “It’s Sunday and I’m Naked

  1. Haha, I just wasted a lot of time taking the “what kind of blogger are you” test. Woot. Did you take it? What did you get?

    BTW, Sad Pony and Squirrel are jazzed about the “naked blogger” concept. I told them to calm down.

  2. Haha! 😀 I’m so excited that I found you, it’s ridiculous. 🙂 I knew the naked thing was just a subnote in the middle of the stuff I liked, but I just couldn’t remember anything for sure. I was going to add, “I think she likes sweaters”, but I just didn’t know if I made that up or if it would help anyway, ha! 😀 So, hurrah– here’s to search engines, nakedness, and Sundays!

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