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The Fuck-It List

Twindaddy over at Stuph Blog mentioned that he thought bucket lists were pointless. I concur*. Here is what my bucket list used to look like:

  1. Write a bucket list.

But of course I’m never going to get around to do that. Instead, I’m going to steal an idea from Twindaddy (and BreezyK who he was inspired by) , and make a Fuck-It list:

  • Worrying about going bald
  • Women in changing rooms (I overheard a group of them comparing breast sizes in there. WTF?)
  • Appropriate exclamation point usage (How many is too many?!! How many is too less?!)
  • PMS
  • Wearing cocktail dresses in winter
  • Eating only ONE cupcake at a time
  • Wearing thongs
  • Apologizing for farting during yoga
  • Social etiquette (fart away, people, fart away)
  • Checking for underwear tucking
  • Wearing clothes while blogging
  • Wearing clothes at all

Things I do approve of:

Naked blogging

No this isn’t me. I would be wearing glasses

Car thong

I want one!

lt ilia

There is something to be said about the confidence of a bald woman. They don’t need any hair to hide under.
No, Britney Spears, you don’t count.

*Like a doctor


74 thoughts on “The Fuck-It List

  1. MFE,

    Good form concurring like a doctor. That is truly the only way to go.

    Also good form by blogging naked. You certainly know how to keep my interest peaked, uh, I mean piqued.

    Great list although PMS may give a fuck about you even if you don’t give a fuck about it. Or so I’ve been told.


  2. Farting during yoga, a classic, I still remember there was a guy who would fart his life out at the bikram class, all that steam and the guy farting, nobody would ever go near him.
    That car thong is sexy!!! (too much !!?)

  3. Love it! I find that exercise, any kind, gets rid of all of my flatulence whether there are people there or not. I just try to be discrete and quiet. Unfortunately, I have no control over odor issues but I learned in grade school, you just look at someone with a “I can’t believe you did that” look and continue on. Hilarious!!!!!!! (enough???)

  4. Oooh, I want a Fuck-It list too! That seems MUCH more fun that all that other resolution crap. Also, the bucket list is all creepy cause it’s reminding you – hey, you might be dead soon, so DO EVERYTHING. Shit, like I can become President of WordPress in a day? I’m pretty sure that will take at least a week of plotting and scheming and um campaigning.

    I had to wait until I got home to read your post cause I thought my coworkers might see naked guy with the laptop and wonder about my porn usage at the library. I have to check it out to protect others, but they don’t understand. But you do, oh naked blogger goddess.

    • Can Presidents have minions? I will gladly be your WordPress Presidential Minion!

      Haha! Alice you will never have to worry about your porn usage here, never. What’s wrong about porn usage at libraries? I mean you guys have a whole section devoted to Kama Sutra and the likes.
      I like that the nickname is catching on 😀

      • Leo from Doggy’s Style came up with the idea, so he can be Prez, and I can be VP and you can like be the Secretary of State WordPress. Our cabinet is going to be awesome. Maybe we can have a Dept of Porn.

        I work in archives, and discovered that back in the 70s our university library carried Playboy, which seemed to annoy some patrons. So we quit taking it. I mean, consider the educational value here! Sheesh.

        • I second the Dept of Porn! (I need to stop using exclamation points after the word porn. People are going to start thinking I have a problem.)
          Who quits Playboy?! I feel for you

  5. Haha!! Yay! There’s no such thing as too many exclamation marks, F Scott Fitzgerald be damned!! It occurs to me that sounds pretty random if you haven’t read F Scott’s takes on punctuation, but I’m replying from a phone so you’ll have to google thst on your own. :). Love your list and your new nickname, NBG. 😉

  6. I hate underwear tucking, but the other day at work, it turned out I wasn’t tucking correctly, my underwear was totally showing… ugh. Luckily my underwear and bra matched – though no one else knew, I did. So that’s really all that mattered. ^.^

  7. Great post! My fuck it list get’s longer all the time as I get older haha, love it 🙂

    And here’s to blogging, yoga, dancing, running, shopping and whatever else naked!


      • Hmm, definitely something I’ll keep in mind for a future post 🙂 It’s a great idea, and actually fits in totally with the concept of Apatheia in Stoic philosophy. The practice of indifference to things outside of our control 🙂

        I’ll definitely ping back when I do my Fuck it list 😉

        All the best!


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