Rarasaur asked me to guest post on her blog! There isn’t a lot of nudity involved, but clothing is optional


Please welcome my guest blogger, MissFourEyes!  Around these parts, she’s more commonly known as the Naked Blogging Goddess.    This post is clothing-optional so long as you stay behind your screen.  Send tons of rawr-love her way! https://missfoureyes.wordpress.com/

When I was 4 years old my goal in life was to be a superhero. It didn’t matter what kind of superpowers I had, telekinesis, mind reading, all the things Superman does, anything. I wanted to be a superhero and fight crime *kapow*


I don’t want all those superpowers anymore. I guess I got a little lazy. With great power comes great responsibilities right? Plus, being like Superman wouldn’t work out very well, my granny panties don’t look nearly as amazing as you would think on the outside.
But after reading Rara’s post on her favorite Meta-Metas, I got to thinking how amazing it would be to be a real superhero…

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20 thoughts on “

  1. I knew there was a reason I instantly fell for you! Fantastic guest post! You’d make a super sexy heroine..
    When are you going to grace my humble cyber-abode with your magnificent literary touch?
    Buy the way, check out today’s post on my blog for a much-deserved shout-out…

  2. Brilliant post Ms naked blogger 🙂 Speaking of which I’ll have to try that myself when it warms up here, no where near brave enough to try in in wintry Dublin. Brr 🙂


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  4. Hmmm… you’ve got all the bases covered, especially with the Super One-Liners.

    As a fellow Miss Four Eyes, I’d have to choose to become Super 20-20 Vision-Girl!

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