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10 great things about being sick

I have a cold. Not just any cold, a LIFE THREATENING cold.

Remember when you were little being sick was like going on vacation? All the things you’d try to maybe catch a cold or fake a fever just to get out of school.  Why is it that as an adult being sick always feels like death is coming?


You have the common cold? I’m coming for you…

But despite all that, I still don’t mind being sick. It has it’s benefits (or it may just be my near-death optimism talking). 10 great things about being sick:

  1. Nyquil induced sleep is some of the best sleep I get all year.
  2. Having a fuzzy head. Walking around is like being on a roller-coaster. Whee!
  3. Weird dreams. Gerard Butler was helping me to do my laundry. Aaah…the way that man can fold a sock.
  4. My dog takes care of me…kind of.
  5. This should have been number one. No work! (Unfortunately I was sick over the weekend)
  6. Getting out of Auntie Nina’s tea party. A lady in the other building goes by Auntie Nina. She likes to throw tea parties. Is that weird you ask? There are simply no words.
  7. Sympathy callers. Don’t you love sympathy callers?
  8. Magic manicures. I woke up to rainbow nails. Said sympathy callers may have dropped by, I don’t remember. Or it could have been the little elves that I also dreamed about.
  9. Simultaneously sweating and shivering. When I close my eyes it’s like I’m at the beach and in the Arctic at the same time!
  10. Sexy cold voice. I think I’m making some people uncomfortable by answering the phone like this.

What I hope I sound like.


What I actually look like

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133 thoughts on “10 great things about being sick

  1. I feel like there’s a cold that’s been trying to stage a coup in my throat for a couple weeks now. So far, the rebels haven’t risen up. I almost wish they would.

  2. I’m the “go to” health person amongst friends and loved ones, always offering advice on how to not get sick, so if I get sick no one will respect me, but I will live vicariously through you, Miss Four Eyes, especially in regard to the sexy cold voice — you go girl! xo

  3. I think I got sick relatively easily as a child simply because I liked it. i got to stay home and be pampered and my mom would rent Tron for me.

    Now, if I’m sick, I’ve gotta take sick leave, and I’d rather save that for days when I want to do something fun.

    • Sick leaves are wasted on being sick. It used to be so much more fun when we were little! I remember all the silly things I tried to fake a fever just to get out of school 😀

      • Oh, yeah! I was in the nurse’s office once (probably faking a stomach ache) and the nurse gave this boy a thermometer and left the room. He stood on a chair and held it up to the light bulb. The nurse came back, looked at the thermometer, and told him his brain should be melted because his temp was 108. Oops.

    • I LOVED being sick as a kid! Is that too much enthusiasm for being sick? Sure. But there was no school, hot soup would magically appear for me in bed, and everything was perfect. 🙂

  4. Haha, great list! Colds and flus are my excuse to catch up on my video gaming. Last year I had the worst flu ever, but I managed to play through all of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time again. It was awesome 🙂

    Lol about the sexy voice, here we simply call it the junkie voice >.<

    Bug nudie hugs to our sexy voiced sick girl! Get well soon Miss Four Eyes, take care, lot's of water, and lemon!!


  5. Copious amounts of Jack Daniels should clear that right up, and if it doesn’t you won’t care as you have had copious amounts of Jack Daniels… also being ill means I don’t have to go to my AA meetings… Oh!

    Keep the sexy voice, lose the ill. Get Well soon

  6. I wish I could have cold voice year round! I wish I could have had cold voice when I was younger – it would have made a few years less awkward for me. Still remember how angry I was when I’d answer the phone and people would think I was my mom. Grr!

  7. “Sympathy callers. Don’t you love sympathy callers?”—Hmm, as an introvert, I gotta go with ‘no’ on this one… But I do love crawling up on the couch and reading a good book when I’m sick. Unfortunately, I don’t usually get to because there’s so much to do, virus or not. (As I’m sure you know. 🙂 )

    • I’m an introvert too. The sympathy callers usually have no idea I’m sick until they hear my sexy cold voice on the phone. I’m trying very hard to be coherent, they think I’m hitting on them, things get weird.
      Quietly reading a book sounds like an impossible dream

  8. I have so much laundry. I need Gerard Butler, stat!
    I hope you feel better soon. We have had a bit of a cold here too. I’m on cold and flu drugs myself. They make me crazy. I can vacuum in half the time!

    • Me too! I was so disappointed when I woke up. Not because Gerard Butler wasn’t there, mostly because the laundry still needed to be done
      Thank, Steph! I’m feeling so much better now. Hope you get better soon too

  9. I’m sorry you are sick Miss! That sucks, especially over the weekend. I don’t do the ‘sexy sick voice’ thingy. When I’m sick I get the “life long smoker voice” thingy instead and I don’t smoke! 😉

  10. After taking Nyquil in my 20’s I realized I could never, ever do drugs…Nyquil was scary enough for me. Hope you feel better soon : ) Oh, start charging for those calls…nothing wrong with working that voice!

    • Haha! I can’t handle wipe out when I’m sick. I can’t think straight with all the meds and all of a sudden I feel like doing the things on tv. I want to fall down head first in a pool!

  11. I hate when I get sick over the weekend. Come on! It’s like the whole universe is against me. I love the sexy voice though, although I usually lose my voice entirely. Then people around me are really, really happy.

  12. hope you’re better now ^^ could really be all that blogging with no clothes on. lol i say being sick is better than being at some weird tea party thrown by someone who likes to be called

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  14. I agree, sick dreams are the best! Any time I have a bit of a fever I get excited about the kinds of dreams I’m going to have. Unless they’re nightmares, because fever nightmares are some freakin’ mind-crushing dream-nukes.

  15. Ahh, Nyquil. It tastes like window cleaner, but works like a dream. I took a dose last night, and woke up feeling much better. A feeling that was dashed after my shower left me feeling like I’d walked from my house to Pismo Beach and back.

  16. I hope you are feeling better now.
    I’m having problems with your updates, I just don’t get them.
    I remember the last time I had the flu Shela visited me, more than a visit it was a war in my throat, she won, she would talk to me.

    • Thanks, Leo, I’m feeling much better now 🙂
      Wordpress has been doing that to me too. I think someone hasn’t replied to my comment, and I go check, turns out they did hours ago. Don’t know what’s going on.
      I remember your Sheila. So glad she’s gone now!

    • Why don’t more people rock rainbow nails? Is it because of the funny looks I get from people when I’m standing in line at the supermarket?
      Thanks, Becca, I feel so much better now 🙂

    • You try to avoid her the best you can, you fail, she gives you the obligatory two cheek hello kisses and invites you for her next tea party that you absolutely MUST attend.

  17. I honestly don’t mind being sick, as long as I’m not spewing. It makes me feel like its ok to be a lazy bastard for a couple days, rather than feel guilty about it. I habe to say, also, that once you get past that “weird fever dream” stage, the first night back to earth makes for a glorious night of sleep.

    P.S. I’m sick right now. Sympathy call?

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