StephrogersTwindaddy, and Not Quite Alice nominated me for the Epically Awesome Award Of Awesomeness.


Awards really can’t get better than this one. It’s Epic! It’s Awesome! I’ll probably abuse the exclamation point today!

Okay, rules:

1. Tell 10 epic and/or awesome facts about yourself.  That’s it.
2. Pass it on to 10 bloggers you think are awesome and/or epic–or both.

10 epic and/or awesome facts about me (which may end up being not epic and/or awesome at all), here goes:

  1. It’s possible that I might be a princess. For real. My great-great-grandfather was the king’s royal adviser (mostly on gambling and stuff. He was really good), and I have reason to believe that he wasn’t just the advisor, but the king’s son. The prince! Which makes me a princess, right?
  2. Also, being bad-ass at gambling runs in the blood.
    But I don’t gamble. Just to get that straight. With great power comes great responsibility anxiety of losing.
  3. As a kid, I thought that I’d hear music backwards if I didn’t put on my headphones right
  4. Sometimes, when I’m not sure of something, I use an online Magic 8 ball.
  5. I startle easy. Don’t sneak up on me!
    There I was minding my own business, opening I tube of paint (P.S. I paint), when this guy sneaks up behind me and I jump up and drop the tube which squirts out some paint on his shoes. Red paint + beige shoes = shoe murder. Okay so he wasn’t really sneaking up on me, he wanted a pencil, now he needs new shoes. Don’t sneak up on me! It doesn’t end well.
  6. There are things I just don’t get. Like I’ve heard people use Zach Galifianakis as an example of what NOT to look like. I don’t get it! The guy is very attractive to me. I may have a thing for beards.
  7. Twindaddy said he wanted to know about dirty secrets. So here it is, my dirtiest secret: I’m a sleep drooler. I don’t know what it is that I dream about that makes me drool. Maybe it’s Zach Galifianakis, maybe it’s cake. But I drool, now you know.
  8. I have sticky notes on my screen where I write down blog ideas for when I’m stuck. Sometimes (all the time), especially when I’m completely stumped, I forget that I write my ideas down there. *facepalm*
  9. There is no #9. #9 is an illusion. You cannot actually see #9.
  10. Yesterday I found out that my floss was made in Ireland.

10 Epic AND Awesome bloggers:


Who’s Awesome? You are.

#9, I don’t count very well.

Follow the rules or don’t, your choice. But tell me at least one epic and/or awesome thing about yourself!

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94 thoughts on “Epicness

  1. What?!?!?! I’m epically awesome too? Fabulous! And thanks! And congrats to you, even though we already knew you were especially epically awesome!

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  3. Yay, I art epic. I will add this to my list of awards I haven’t made a post on yet. I think I have F—- (that’s F minus minus minus although it could also be Fuck without the uck) in this category. I can’t keep mah BLING in order. Maybe it’s the Meh. But thank ye, i would not have the awesome without readers to read my crap, er, epic awesomeness.

  4. Whew, where to start! First of all now we have to call you Princess Miss Four Eyes, good to know that the PT King has a royal buddy!

    I think I’ll just replace my blog with that 8 ball!

    I startle super easily too! I’m pretty sure the government must have found out as well because there seems to be a directive to all emergency services that they must turn on their siren right when they drive past me!

    I too drool, sometimes it’s so bad I have to flip my pillow…too far?

    Your floss was made in Ireland! Just like me! Well technically I was made in Australia but I live in Ireland and my relatives are Irish so I’m just like your floss.

    When can we see your paintings?

    Thanks for the award, are you ready for my amazing fact? I’m going to go with the relatives one just like you did with your royal relative. I’m related to John Lennon, something to do with cousins and stuff, I don’t know the details but I had it explained to me once. Yup, so that’s where I get all my cool from 🙂

    Hi fives and hugs!


    ps. New nudie post coming Sunday 🙂

    • First of all, one hell of a comment!

      We should get an imperial stormtrooper to announce us “Their royal highnesses, PT King the Mighty, and Princess Four Eyes the Clumsy.”

      The sirens scare the crap outta me! They make me almost drive into trees. How are you supposed to continue driving straight after that?!

      Too far? Nah. Me too.

      Woot! My floss is now awesome 🙂

      I thought about posting some pictures, but it felt weird. Like a humble brag.

      *jaw drop* You’re related to John Lennon? So cool

      Can’t wait for the post! *nudey hugs* 😀

      • Haha, we definitely need to be officially introduced wherever we go!

        Ah, not weird at all. Would love to see your work 🙂 Only if you’d feel comfortable sharing though!

        Hehe, yeah I don’t always play the John Lennon’s cousin card but you wanted Amazing so there ya go 🙂

        Oh and I’ll be using the lovely plaque you made me in my post too hehe. *nudey hugs*!


  5. Princess 4Eyes, your highness.
    Let me tell you about drooling, I think I’m cursed, all guys I’ve dated up today have snored and drooled, the first night you do spooning and he drools on your arm it’s sorta slightly sweet, then he drools on your chest and when you move him he does that slurpy sound…..ohhhhhh Princess, precious to say the least lol
    I won’t call you Princess in the regular basis because there’s another blogger (a dog) whose username is Princess, but you are the closest to Royal family I’ve been friends with.

  6. Phew! Just laughed so hard at-As a kid, I thought that I’d hear music backwards if I didn’t put on my headphones right-I know I’m one of your blog friends who more reads and doesnt comment, mainly because by the time I catch up on blogs, everyone has already commented for me, but this one, this one takes the cake! I’m wiping tears away that’s how unexpectedily funny it was! Epic, awesome, yes, yes, check, check!

  7. I feel like this is an epically awesome honor from you, an epically awesome Princess of the land of Awesome! Thank you! I love that you thought you’d hear the music backwards if you if you didn’t put the headphones on right! 😀 And, I have a thing for beards, too! 🙂

    *hyper-scrutinize AND beard fondness high five!*

  8. OK, so I wrote a really funny response yesterday based on all so the information I learned about you on this page. It was really funny until the internet went out and took my one of a kind remarks with it. In brief, of course you are a princess, I think I am quite the gambler as well, but I have the same feeling about losing money. What happens if your put your headphones on when you are hanging upside down? Magic 8balls are always an EPIC way to determine anything. Boo! Did I startle you? If not you don’t startle too easily. Ted Williams wore #9 or maybe he didn’t? I drool all day long, so sleep drooling is no big deal. I especially thank you for thinking me and my little blog is epic. I will actually do this one because it is so quick and it comes from you. Better pay attention MFE, it is coming back at you in the next day or so. Once I think of ten things that are interesting about me. 🙂

    • I hate when the internet does that!
      Headphones only work that way when you put them on wrong. Upside down won’t affect the music. It’s SCIENCE 😀
      Magic 8 balls are the best way to find answers. Some try to get all spiritual, some wait for the universe’s signs. I say the Magic 8 ball is the way to go.
      Gah! You scared me, Jon!
      High five for drooling all day!
      Of course your blog is epic! I’ll be paying very close attention, can’t wait to read 10 things about you 😉
      Lots of hugs

  9. I startle quite easily as well but there is one exception: my younger brother Addy. He’s been trying to sneak up on me for about 27 years, and fails every time. It doesn’t matter how quiet he is or how involved I am in something else, I always manage to sense him coming and turn to look just before he can say “boo”. This uncanny skill has him convinced that I’m some kind of startle-proof superhero. I prefer him to continue to believe this.

  10. Your Highness, the Princess, this was a most awesome post. Thank you so much for helping little Pixels out with her competition. She’s climbing the ladder quite rapidly but still needs over 400 votes to hit first place. She’s currently in #5 (not #9 – don’t worry, I understand that’s a problem number for you) and you helped her get there. Thank you from all the shelter kittens who stand to get fed because of your vote.

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