Guest Post

Miss Four Eyes Takes The Wheel…

I’m guest posting over at The Hook’s blog today. Check it out 😉

You've Been Hooked!

My guest today needs no introduction, but what kind of host would I be if I didn’t metaphorically sing her praises?

She is the founder of the Blog Naked Revolution.

She has opened her cyber-haven home to me on severaloccasions.

She is my friend, blogging partner and an all-around good egg.

She is Miss Four Eyes, and she is going to rock your virtual world….

Take it away, partner!

 I love road trips.

Driving around as fast as you want.

The trees whooshing past. Singing along to the most awful songs on the radio.

Peeing in public restrooms.

Scratch that. I do not love the last one.  

The best part about a road trip is meeting new people. Sometimes these people remind you of the beginning of a horror movie, most of the time they’re completely harmless but incredibly annoying.

Some people you’re likely to meet…

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6 thoughts on “Miss Four Eyes Takes The Wheel…

  1. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know I can leave my blog for a few days. You’re a great little guest blogger, Miss Four Eyes!
    Thanks again!

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