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Naughty Thursday: Special Request

Meet Leo, my newest guest blogger! Leo’s losing his guest blogging virginity today, I get to pop his cherry. It’s a special moment, I promised to be gentle.
Leo brought his Naughty Thursday post here this week. Enjoy his post, and don’t forget to visit his blog, Doggy’s Style! Oh and be gentle with him. 


I was a young and innocent city boy, going to college and living a regular life.

I was single, young and innocent, and this is how the story started.

I met a guy at a NYE party, we were at a club in NYC.  He was a friend of a friend of mine, we hit it off, we danced, laughed and drank. We said good night and we went to our respective homes.

“Hey, I hope I didn’t wake you up. Feel like hanging out later today, a coffee, a movie, you decide.”

He sent that message at noon. What kind of person he thought I was, sleeping at noon? I wake up early, I’m boring and like to be up early even I went to bed at 7am.

“Sure, I let you treat me to a tall caramel frappuccino with a shot of Irish cream” – I was not kidding.


“Ok, let’s meet up at Union Sq. at 2pm” – Damn! He could have paid for lunch, I should’ve said it!

I sorta had an idea of what he looked like, but we all know that alcohol lowers our standards and makes us easy. I tamed the beast on me and was ready for a big disappointment. Innocent I was.
I got there 5 minutes early, he arrived 2 minutes after. Good, he was on time, I appreciated that.

“Hello Lady, nice meeting you sober” I said

“I was not that drunk, but nice to meet you too. I like you have no shame, you asked me to pay for your drink before meeting up, it could have been lunch”
Damn it! I learned the hard way.


“I’d never do such thing, but since you are insisting I let you buy me a 30 days Metrocard”
He knew I was kidding, so we laughed it out.

Isn’t it cute when you are in that flirting period on which anything goes?
We had our coffee, I paid for both (I’d feel too embarrassed if he had paid. I could hear him talk to my friend later “That guy Leo, is he a hobo or what?”)

We walked around and then sat down to “people watch” and talk.


We met up at least 10 times before (did I hear blue balls?) finally taking it to next level.

It was after a show we went to see. We were around my place and he asked if he could come up.

“Yeah, but take your shoes off, don’t want you to ruin my carpet”

We went upstairs, we talked a bit more and moved to the room, I took a shower (don’t worry I won’t get too graphic but it’s an important part of the story), then he took a shower and friends, what’s coming up I promise it’s true:

“Leo, you wanna join me?” He said

I don’t know what kind of two-bit hoe he thought I was, but he was right.


“I just took a shower, but I don’t mind taking another” -(yeah I was horny damn it!)

We started doing what grown ups do and I kid you not, nothing in this life prepared me for what I was about to hear:

I jumped back and started to laugh. I had a laugh attack, I thought he was kidding, but when I saw his face I realized he was for real. Needless to say all the built up hornyness vanished with that magic “Pee on me”
I left the shower, went to my bed and turned on the TV on “Life – TV for Women”, he came out the bathroom and sat down, I started to laugh.
We talked all night long, I really liked the guy as person, was not going to kick him out.
I, of course told the story to the friend in common.
Mr. Pee On Me is now one my best friends and he endorsed this post.

Have you ever been asked to pee on someone?
And if so, did you do it?
Are you still friends with that person?


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63 thoughts on “Naughty Thursday: Special Request

  1. I have never met a girl that wanted me to pee or poo on her. I mean, I respect everyone’s kinks and quirks, but I’d never do it.

    So I really respect your approach of not kicking him out and keeping in touch. He doesn’t need to be singled out just for his kinks. We all have them.

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  3. Gosh Leo…..I’d have to say “NO” to the pee question….never “been there/done that” although it wouldn’t have surprised me if that issue had come up (no pun intended). Miss Four Eyes was kind to have you grace her blog with your Naughty Thursday thoughts AND I’m glad you and your “pee pal” have remained friends to this day.

    xxooPam 😀

    • I once had a random guy at a bar asked me if I could spit on his face and mouth, he was willing to pay. I was offended and flattered, felt like a prostitute, but it was a relieve to know that I could make some extra bucks with my skinny self lol
      Miss Four Eyes was nice enough to let me bring the naughty here.

  4. Well, at least he was considerate enough to ask in the shower. I mean, you know, otherwise you’d then have to go wash the sheets and just ewwwwwwwwww. Yeah, I dunno, I couldn’t do it either, just, yeah, no. Just think though – what if you’d married the guy and THEN found out that’s what he liked? Good reason to do it before marriage in my opinion. That is, see how the other person likes sex, not pee on people. Although I guess you could do that too.

    It’s early. 😀

    • You have a very good point Alice, sex is a very important part of relationship, specially during the first months when we are like rabbits(rabbits are at it all day long right?).
      Pre-marital sex should be a must, it’s part of knowing the other.
      Would I marry someone who wants me to pee on them?
      Well, I don’t know. But then you never know when the “freak” on us is gonna come out.
      That being said, babies pee, crap and puke on us all the time, so where do we draw the line? hahahaha

      • Yes, but they have the excuse of being babies (or puppies – the two are pretty similar at that point). And we don’t have romantic relationships with them – at least I hope not.

  5. So, um, over at your post, you have the tag ‘boobs the size of watermelons’
    That’s all just wanted to point it out.
    And I’ve never been asked to pee on anyone. Ever. What does this say about me? Am I un-peeable? More importantly, is this a bad thing?

  6. Oh to pee or not to pee that’s the question…. I’m for NOT to pee. The yellow river is not my thingy. But I peed on my leg and in my shoe as I used this darned french highway-jakes…

  7. Oh God, do I really have to be the first one to be on the pro pee team in this comments section? I read every one hoping someone would break the ice before me! I don’t agree with random, sudden “pee on me” suggestions. It really doesn’t seem like “first time” material. But you know, when people get to know each other a little better, well, interesting things can happen…

    In short, to give some representation to your pal Leo, yes I would…both ways…with the right person.

    PT King or PP King, where will it end >.<

    And um, Miss Four Eyes, I'll let you decide what kind hugs are warranted after such a post.

    This was hilarious Leo, the picture of the huge guy peeing on everyone was so perfect. Loved it, thanks for sharing! And congrats on your first guest post, great place to start 🙂


    • hahahahah You have in tears here, this is too funny.
      Come on everybody, let’s make Rohan feel welcome and loved:
      “Rohan, you are special and we like you!”
      In all seriousness, I talked about this with the guy and he told me that he popped the question cuz he felt at ease with me and I believed him.
      I honestly think that if we would have had a relationship and he would have asked it for it later on I may have peed on him, but not hug him afterwards, that’s a fact lol
      We all have our “freaks” when it comes to sex.

      • Haha, thanks for the love 🙂 I’m a happy freak!

        Yeah exactly, Safe, Sane and consensual. As long as everyone involved is okay I say go for it 🙂 Haha, yeah, definitely need another scrub before any hugs lol!


      • Yay 🙂 Haha, well you know what? I’m kinda proud of that fact!

        *nudie hugs* back, after a good scrub of course 🙂


        • I’m glad you said it first, Rohan. 😉 Pee washes off, guys. If it didn’t, we’d never want to hug a child or anyone who has one. Those little beasts pee all over themselves and everything all the time.

          Golden showers aren’t a kink of mine or the hubs, but on a relative-scale, it’s not nearly as complicated/permanent as other kinks. 🙂

          I did love the post, though, I thought the reactions were hilarious and well-played, and the pictures! I loved the pics, haha! 😀 It’s lovely to see Leo & Miss Four Eyes on the same page!!

        • Yay, you rock Rara 🙂

          As well as that urine is sterile and has antibacterial properties. It has been used as an antiseptic in cases like war when they had no access to an alternative. It’s about the least dirty thing that exists despite it’s social conotations.

          And (without going into too much detail) with a little forethought and plenty of water, it can be watered right down. Okay, okay, I’ll stop 😉

          Exactly right. I don’t judge anyone’s kink, but yeah there’s some pretty wild stuff out there, pee is pretty tame, relatively speaking.

          Well that’s me done for today!

          Rohan out! 🙂

  8. Humans are weird…
    Great post, Leo!
    You couldn’t have picked a better blog to visit to lose your guest-blogging virginity than Miss Four Eyes’. (I hear she’s very gentle, yet exciting all at once.)
    Good work, both of you!

  9. It never happened to me, but a friend of mine told me that he was asked by this one-night stand whether she could pee on him! He was a little taken aback, but apparently very horny, so he agreed. Turns out he loved it! Just sayin’…
    Congrats on your first guest post!

  10. When I was in auto mechanics school, there was a girl there that supposedly got paid $500 to let some guy pee on her and video tape it. I’m not sure why they get off on it either….but without the videotape and in the shower…I’d do it for $500. 🙂

  11. Dude, I’ve been propositioned exactly three times in my life. Once was from a guy, who after I kindly refused, introduced me to the lady who would be my life, once by my wife-to-be, and once from a woman who I really shoulda said “no” to, because she made my life hell and almost cost me my wife-to-be. (Yeah, I was a big idiot. Mea culpa.) Have to admit, none of them asked for a golden shower, but I’m still friends with the guy (and obviously, with my wife). So 2 out of 3 ain’t bad – even if I AM dull and boring! 😀

  12. That completely caught me off guard and left me laughing. It is good you handled it so well and kept a friend.

    To answer your question, no never had that request. Many others but not that one.

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