Anxiety and Other Awkwardness

What-If-It-Sucks Syndrome

My name is Four Eyes, and I suffer from the What-If-It-Sucks Syndrome.

What-If-It-Sucks Syndrome: A mental state where a person second guesses everything they do. This includes but is not exclusive to writing, talking, blogging, and less commonly gift-giving. Symptoms may occur at any given point, and last for indefinite amounts of time.

I’m down. My batteries need recharging. I don’t know what’s happening. My head isn’t working! Work, damn it, work! I haven’t been able to think of a single thing to write. I start writing something, and then stop after I’ve decided that it’s a stupid idea.

There’s an evil voice inside our head that tells us we can’t do something. It’s a voice I’ve plotted to murder many (many, many, many) times (and quite violently). It comes back no matter what. I guess the only thing we can do about it is tell it to shut up and go do that one thing we’re so afraid of.

I’m afraid of the publish button.

how to make animated gif

I haven’t pressed the thing in months. I always schedule posts to avoid it. Pressing the button gets me all panic-y.


I also start thinking in all caps. I don’t like thinking in all caps.

I’ve had enough! I’m not going to let the evil voice take over my head! I will NOT suffer from the What-If-It-Sucks Syndrome anymore.

Epiphany - Copy(Things make so much more sense with doodle people)

Today I pressed the Publish button.  It was a big deal. I did it! There’s no stopping me now. I’m invincible.

Now on to more important things. Do you like my doodles? And do you agree that I’m going to be a famous artist someday?!

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145 thoughts on “What-If-It-Sucks Syndrome

  1. LOL I have the same feeling sometime, I hit the publish button, go to bed and think, Christ people are going to think me a right idiot.. SO what.. I am..LOL I love every thing you publish 🙂 hugs and love xx00xxx Pee-ess Can you send the coral thing to me 🙂 xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. I get that all the time, I have what-if-it-sucks syndrome too. The more you worry about it the more you will think about the suckage (that is so not meant to sound as rude as it does).

  3. I also suffer from this syndrome. But i go ahead and hit the Publish button. I have also had to hit the Trash button when i realize that the post I have written is WAY too personal and could hurt someone (usually my daughter) very much, as I did last week. That sucks. I should have realized it earlier before I spent the time to write it. Duh. I love what you publish. You are a fine writer. Go ahead and hit that Publish button. You really don’t suck. Seriously. You don’t.

    • I understand that. It’s a weird relationship we have with the publish button huh? Something so harmless can change so many things.
      Thank you so much for all those nice things! You just made my day!

  4. I think we all suffer from this a little bit. At least, I know I do. Don’t worry NBG, your posts are ALWAYS awesomesauce. And your doodles are fantastic!

    Naked hugs for you!

  5. I get that feeling a lot. And I’ve especially had this feeling this week. I’ve started three drafts for posts, but none of them felt right, so I stopped. And I’m pretty sure the voice and the publish button were mocking me. But your magnificent doodles have made things clear, and I am going to post something today, mo matter what the Sucks-voice says.

  6. I suffer from the same syndrome but my voice is always drunk so she acts delayed.
    I hit “publish” and then think “Damn! this post sucks, I hope I get at least 10 likes out of sympathy”
    This post doesn’t suck.
    I love your doodles, would you design a banner for me?
    I’d pay you in gummy bears, 10 gummy bears up front and 5 when finished.
    I’m kidding, but I do love your doodles, as I love Stella’s.

  7. I love your doodles and that gif, and your writing voice! I know exactly what you are saying all too well. But give your audience some credit here, we love you so much we eat up even shitty posts….wait that sounds really wrong! But focus on writing without projecting what we might think, free yourself, its going to come back. I will be here!

    • Thank you so much, G! All those nice things you said, I’m smiling like a crazy person 😀
      Free myself? Yes, gotta work on that. I’m feeling a little better already. The gears in my head have started to move a little, if not all the way

  8. It is so much fun to make fun of ourselves, eh. Publish, be brave, be very brave, Publish. I just reblog something to this effect this morning. Must be the day of what if. Tee Hee.

  9. Oh man I loved this post. The gif was so darn adorable (your blog makes me use this word way too much) and I definitely wanna see more doodles from now on! WIISS is pretty common to creative types it seems. I get it a lot with books and music. I’m happily typing/rocking/blogging away when suddenly it occurs to me that it might not be quite as awesome as I hope it is!

    It’s a sucky feeling, but we push on, and no matter what, it’s so worth keeping going. I’ve realized over the years that no matter what we do, someone, somewhere is gonna think it sucks. Someone thinks the Mona Lisa sucks, someone thinks The Beatles suck, someone even thinks chocolate milkshakes suck!!!! But, if we do our best and create from our heart (corny) there will always be someone out there who loves it, probably more than we do! And we owe it to them to push that scary publish button 🙂

    Loved this post 🙂


    • *gasp* what kind of person thinks chocolate milkshakes suck?! Surely these are people of fairytales?

      You’re right (of course you are), there’s always going to be someone who thinks we suck. “But, if we do our best and create from our heart (corny) there will always be someone out there who loves it, probably more than we do! And we owe it to them to push that scary publish button” I love corny. And I love this, it’s so perfect. We owe it to that one person to create and share it no matter how much it terrifies us.

      Thanks for that, Rohan! I think I’m one step closer to being cured of WIISS.

      Oh and you are definitely going to see more doodles! I just love drawing them 😀

      • Hehe, happy to help, and yay for more doodles, I couldn’t stop watching the gif lol, so cute and funny!


  10. I can really relate to this post. I get stressed before I publish, my finger hovering over the mouse, afraid to click. Nice knowing I’m not alone. Plus, one of the easiest ways to make me laugh is when someone says they’re going to do “the shit” out of something, so that doodle cracked me up.

    • Don’t worry you are definitely not alone. Half the people here go through the same thing. You’re brave enough to publish it in the end, and that’s pretty great.
      So glad you liked my doodle 😀

  11. Yay! You pushed it! And your words are those we can all relate to. Unless one has the ego of Donald Trump, most of us have the “What-If-It-Sucks Syndrome.” (Great name for it, by the way.) In fact, I think you should petition to get the syndrome into the new DSM-V that’s about to come out. 🙂

  12. 😀 Well, you’ll definitely be a famous “something”. Could be even more famous if you remove the blanking out bits from the pics. I’ve never scheduled anything. I just type and post. Only then do I see the spelling mistakes or grammatical errors I’ve made. So far, no-one has commented on them. Maybe they feel sorry for me. Anyway, as you say, it’s our very own personal blog so, if we want to write rubbish or make silly mistakes, it’s ours in which to do it. Well done on doing that “scary thing”. Don’t you feel better for it now?

  13. That comes around here often I just always hope our faithful followers do not give up on us before we have something to write that is more interesting. We found this post to be interesting and we relate very well. Hugs

  14. You will most definitely be a famous artist one day. And the best answer to what if it sucks? Well, what if it does? Sucking is okay. In fact, it’s kind of necessary to learning how to not suck. Glad you hit publish today.

  15. You already be famous. Who else can hold the hearts of an imaginary squirrel AND an imaginary pony? Huh? Oh, and you DID publish the shit out of that post. Well done. I need to kick out that voice too. Maybe we could have our voices get married and run off somewhere.

    I’m not drunk just crazy.

  16. LOVE your doodles. And this it totally my Man-Beast. He second guesses everything (except for me!) He has to return everything he buys. Clothes. Food. Beds (we returned two, we are on bed number three.) But I guess in some weird way that’s why I married him – he’s particular about what he does and says! xoxo

  17. I have mixed feelings about clicking on the gif. On one hand, it was funny and I had a laugh. One the other hand, I was unprepared for naked stick people and feel, well, dirty.

    • Thanks, Steph! Feels good to be back!
      Oh no, not you too. You do NOT suck. At all! Because you’re awesome, and no matter what you do you will always be awesome! So publish away, and I’ll be there to read it for sure 😉

  18. Reblogged this on theseeker and commented:
    Who cares if our blog is not up to your standard. Just write, right! It’s my blog and it happens that I am entertaining myself. So forget about having that jittery nerves of “What If” I don’t have enough likes or comments. Who cares. Miss Four Eyes has something to say about this.

  19. You’re doodles are awesome! Your posts are fantastic! You just keep hitting the publish button!!!! Ohhhh Yeahhhh!!!! That’s what I’m talking about baby!!!

  20. I hope we see a lot more doodles. Also, perhaps a what-if-it-sucks support group? I’ll go first. Hi, my name is Kay, and sometimes I think that the jokes I make in comments might not actually be that funny.

  21. You’re already a famous artist to me. Plus, nothing you write ever sucks because you’re awesome. See? Simple. 🙂 Glad you braved the Publish button!

  22. Partner,
    Just reach out if you need help and I’ll do what I can.
    I’m wrestling with writing my second book, so i understand what it means to have difficulty channeling your greatness.
    And you do have greatness inside you. Tons of it, in fact!
    I’m dealing with a few major issues right now, but we’ll always support one another.
    Be well, baby.
    The Hook

    • Thank you so much, partner. I actually feel a lot better now. Turns out all I need was a little time. (and doodling, that helps too)
      Good luck with your second book! It’s going to be great, I just know it. And whatever you’re going through, I hope it’s all better very soon. I’m always here for you if you need anything.
      Lots of hugs

  23. Great post, we all have that voice and it continually talks to us. I read this last night and can’t appropriately comment on my phone. Don’t listen to that voice. You have great ability and talent to do anything you want to do. You may not be excellent at everything but the only way to get better is try. Thank you for a great article and the wonderful doodles. 🙂 Never forget that you are my hero.

  24. I DO like your doodles! And congratulations on taking that big step.

    On another note I think you may have gotten a notification saying that I’m following you when I have been following you the whole time. I had turned off the email notification for blogs I follow because I only wanted to get them from the reader while I’m not blogging so extensively. At the top of the screen on the blogs I follow the little check would still indicate that I’m following but the email subscriber button would read “follow”. For some reason I panicked when I saw that button on your side bar, and pressed it, which probably means that you’ve received a notification that I am now following you. But I’ve been following all along — ah — see — you’re not the only one who suffers from on-screen button pushing anxiety syndrome ~sigh~

    • Sandee, I missed ya!
      Don’t worry about it, happens to everyone. I once accidentally clicked the unfollow button on someone’s blog and panicked like crazy. 😀

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  26. Oh my holy crap! I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this post and can relate to it!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT….LOVE IT! I know I have so much more to say in this comment, but I can tell I’m thinking too much and worried…what if it sucks!

    Brilliant post MissFourEyes. I definitely doesn’t suck 🙂

    • THANK YOU! So glad you enjoyed it. You and I are so alike on the thinking too much part. *hyper scrutinized high five*
      And don’t worry, your comments do NOT suck! So just let it all out 🙂

  27. I definitely love your doodles! So fun and original, like it’s so… YOU 😀
    In fact I love to blog because blogging is supposed to be fun and a sharing activity where any kind of posts can be published. It’s all about personal opinion, and no need to be perfect to be appreciated here! Just stay yourself 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Daphnee! 😀
      You make an excellent point. There’s really no need for perfection here, we just need to be ourselves! I’m going to remember that. Perfection is overrated (and induces far too many headaches).

  28. A lot of famous artists become that way after they die… wait, where was I going with this? What was I going to say. Please don’t die. Also, I like your doodles.

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  30. If it wasn’t for the Hook, I would’ve never ‘met’ you, so thanks be to Hook… Love this one – so true and realistic for the group that always wonders all those things – especially – What if it Sucks? … keep on keeping on …

  31. You will most likely become a famous doodle-artis one day!
    I love your doodles..

    The publish button should have a “do you want to post this?” “are you sure?” and “panic button!” a big red one (That I would constantly push, since its big, red and says panic button!)..
    I guess I have the same problem, but I´m trying to get into the “I do not care what others think”-zone.

  32. Yep. Yep and yep. And… recently I published about three of my ‘what if it sucks’ posts in one post and warned people that they were the failures. Curiously the post went down really well. And I’ve had posts I’ve thought “what the heck? I can’t publish this!” about and published them and people have loved them. And I’ve been blogging for nearly a decade now (here and there) so, yeah. Yep. You feel the fear and you don’t do it. And then you do.

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