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One of My Many Bad Ideas

I bought new headphones. Worst idea ever.

My old Philips ones kinda sorta broke (I may or may not have accidentally sat on them), so I went to get some new ones. The name of the new earphones will remain anonymous to protect the company.


There I was standing in front of the counter. I new I hadn’t done the appropriate research. But look at them, I thought to myself, they’re calling for you. Plus, Anonymous Company is known to have great sound quality. I had to have them!

I went home with my spectacular new headphones. I ripped open the box and connected them to my ipod

The Pain

My ears popped and the music wasn’t even turned on yet. You know that feeling when you’re in a plane that’s taking off? Your ears go POP. Like that, but worse.

I tried changing the ear buds to all the different sizes. Nothing. Every time I put them in my ear, POP!

I don’t know if I’m hearing impaired now. I keep thinking there’s something in my ear when there isn’t. I’m going to be terrified of buying any new headphones for the rest of my life . I’ll go to the counter and my eardrums will ache in memory of the time I tortured them with the worst in-ear headphones in the world.

I did learn something out of this whole ordeal: I love my Philips headphones. I’m going to love them forever and ever and ever.

(Side note: I saw Sarah Palin on the Discovery Channel on about twenty different screens all at once. I have several concerns-
1. What is she doing on the Discovery Channel?
2. Why are there so many dead animal heads mounted on the walls of her house?!
3. How does the store expect to sell TVs with her on it?
4. I don’t live in or anywhere near the United States, what the heck is she doing on tv HERE?!)

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100 thoughts on “One of My Many Bad Ideas

  1. She’s running for president of India and after that, THE WORLD!

    Also, in my experience Sony has always produced great sound quality for in ear audio. I wouldn’t know about headphones, though.

  2. Oh wow that sucks 😦 Maybe you should stick to headphones that go on the outside of your head. If you want everything to sound amazing while looking like an idiot you could always go for the Sennheiser HD205 like the PT King. I’m sure there are more stylish options out there as well!

    You be careful with those ears. You may have four eyes but you’ve only got two ears!

    I love how mysterious you are MFE. You don’t live anywhere near the United States huh, intriguing. Unless you’ve mentioned your country of residence in a previous post in which case I’m just a terrible MFE fan!

    Well, be careful with your ears you clearly have a pair of sensitive little listeners on ya, gotta find the phones that are just right 🙂

    *nudey, non-popping ear, hugs!*


    • I googled yours, very professional looking, PT King 😉
      Haha! Don’t you worry, I never said where I lived. I live in India 🙂

      But Rohan, I’m so scared now! How will I ever be able to fearlessly buy headphones again? My life has turned upside down. Can you trust nothing anymore?! *dramatic sobbing*

      *nudey dramatic sobbing hugs*

      • Wow India! Hmm, I bet you get a few Rohan’s over there right? Very cool 🙂

        Awww, *comforting nudey hugs*

        It’s hard when the rug gets pulled out from under you like that. It will take some time to learn to trust again, but I know you can do it 🙂

        Just give your ears a break, and when you are ready try finding the same plugs that worked best for you before.

        Once my dad’s ear was completely destroyed because of an infection. He was booked in to have the remaining gunk removed and replaced with a prosthetic ear. He decided to see a healer before the operation. After 5 minutes with the healer he could hear again. He went back to the ear doctor and asked her to look at it again. She said it was completely healed, and she cancelled the operation.

        My point is, even without a healer we have the capacity for amazing healing. I’m sure with time your ears will be perfectly happy again. But also ear phones are a much safer option than ear buds. I once read we shouldn’t put anything smaller than our elbow inside our ear!

        I’m not sure how true that is, but I definitely think head phones are better for your ears. And you can get ones that aren’t too big or crazy these days.

        All the best to you and your little ears, they will be all better soon 🙂


        • We do get a lot of Rohans here. My neighbor’s kid is named Rohan. (he wears tiny black glasses, adorable)

          The part about your dad’s ear, wow, that’s really great.
          My ears are better, just very scared 🙂
          Headphones are always better (plus they come in so many fun shapes and colors). I haven’t gotten around to making the switch. The buds are just so much easier to carry around.
          Thanks, mighty PT King 😉

  3. Oh no! I hope your ears are okay?! Maybe there is a bright side to the ear popping madness…when you go back to the store for Phillips headphones, you won’t be able to hear all those Sara Palins…..

    • They discontinued mine 😦
      They were THE MOST AMAZING HEADPHONES IN THE WORLD. And now they’re gone forever!

      But, yes, my ears are ok! And no more Sarah Palin, phew

  4. To answer your Sarah Palin questions, she’s now featured on the Swamp People, you’ll soon see her catching and eating gators.
    Sadly she’s not, I’d love to see her getting eaten by a gator, I’d feel sorry for the gator tho.
    I love my headphones, I love them so much I bought 2 pairs for when the first pair dies.
    Love the illustration.

  5. I have trouble with headphones, too. My boyfriend got me some really, truly nice ones with like, the Mr. Potato head of different sizes, and none of them fit.

    The new Apple ear pods feel like they were customer made for my ears.

  6. Oh. Oh. Oh. Let me guess- was this anonymous company JBL? 😀
    I’ve been known to guess with no hints 😉

    Also, I hope your Ear is a-okay!

    • Shhhh….you don’t want said anonymous company to sue me for defaming their company do you?
      Ok, I kinda what them to do that. I don’t know why.

      My ears are a-okay! 🙂

  7. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with headphone purchasing. I don’t like getting new headphones either. I only like my old ones. The ones I like are the ones that came with my Rosetta Stone set or my iPod. And I can imagine seeing Sarah Pahlin’s face on all those TVs was like a nightmare. It would have been for me. Shudder.

  8. How horrible! I also like Phillips earphones…I’d stick with those! And that is super weird about Sarah Palin being on all the TVs. They should play something cool. Like Toy Story or Pirates of the Caribbean. Or Labyrinth. I would definitely buy a TV if they were playing Labyrinth.

  9. There is no worse feeling on earth than opening new headphones and finding them horribly uncomfortable. Well, maybe seeing Sarah Palin on 20 TVs at once. In any case, I sympathize with you on your ordeal.

  10. Your second paragraph reminds me of how I explained to my Mother at age 12 that I broke my glasses, kinda, sorta…..
    I didn’t know you lived in India! How exotic! No wonder you blog nude, it’s hot there. Sarah Palin was a gift to your country.

  11. At least you can still read, partner!
    Sorry about the audio attack and the Palin trauma. I’m here for you if you want to formulate a devious plan of revenge…

  12. I think buying earphones needs something called luck. I’ve owned some earphones so far which I didn’t buy expensive models. The one that I liked wasn’t expensive but it was already broken and sadly the company doesn’t produce that type anymore. I don’t like in-ear headphones but I think they turn to manufacture that type.

    Nowadays, I stick with my iPhone4’s earphones which I think it’s quite good enough for me.

    • I have no idea. It was something about the inside of her home. I found out that she hunts, or tries to hunt at least, and that she has a LOT of dead stuffed animals mounted up on her walls.

  13. Due to cauliflower ear suffered as a high school wrestler, I have a tough time wearing the in-ear headphones. I’m an “over the ear” guy all the way.

  14. I tried a type of earbud that were supposed to be sooooo comfortable and great and I hated them and they hurt and fell out. More than one clerk tried to convince me I was wrong and that the earbuds were terrific.

  15. I’ve never had good luck with in-ear headphones, always over the ear for me. Your concerns were all justified; the sight of multiple Palins must have been horrific.

  16. I’m with the Hook…let’s formulate a plan of attack…they say audio revenge is sweeter than pie…I think..but I do hope you’re not hearing impaired now.

  17. I forgot you were in India too. That’s how with it I am. Also, as an American, I am supposed to assume everyone else is either is American or worshipping us. But, man, Sarah Palin in India – that’s just sad. I see her all the time on Fox News which is played on TVs in every doctor’s office in the city. Because that’s what I want when I’m sick – seeing that dumbass and her fellow “Patriots.” You betcha!

    Maybe you could get some headphones to drown out her annoying voice.

  18. Well, MFE, maybe you ought to move to America because she certainly *ain’t* on the TV here… well, not on Disney Junior or Real Housewives of Orange County …

  19. You know I usually just go for the cheapies and buy new ones when they die. They seem to do the job! You’re not in the US? I assumed you were for some reason. Where are you from?

  20. Haha that’s so weird. I get a new pair pretty regularly and there was one set that basically shocked me, but only when I ran outside. Ear shock. It hurts, dude!

  21. The Discovery Chanel? It was probably some sort of science/research show trying to understand the weird things certain people do… And, I’m pretty sure she is trying to take over the world one electronics store at a time. It’s a good plan, but it will ultimately fail because her grasp on geography is “sketchy” at best.
    Sorry about your earphone woes. I haven’t found a good pair of earbuds ever. So, I just stick with my giant studio quality DJ headphones… they aren’t the easiest to carry around, but they sound great, and they are super comfy.

  22. Ha ha ha. ( okay the laughter is after reading about sarah palin on 20 screens! I saw one documentary film on her life on discovery channel. wondering if that’s the one you had to see too! 😉 )

    Have you tried sony ? 🙂 Heard they are good. 🙂
    I love the normal apple headphone and they still did not break my faith in apples 😉 and steve job! 😀

    • I have no idea what was playing. Maybe it was the same one? I was really scared…

      I love normal Apple headphones too. Serves me right for trying something new I guess 😛

  23. My guess is your headphones got possessed by Sarah Palin. She clearly possessed all the TV’s in the store, and it must have spread to the headphones. Pouring some holy water on the TV should fix the problem.

  24. Having popping ears from unworthy ear buds and traumatized corneas from seeing multiple images of that loony tune all in one day? You deserve a long vacation or a medal after that whole experience. I hate when things I LOVE get discontinued!!!

  25. No one understands the phenomenon of Sarah Palin — least of all, Sarah Palin.

    Oh, and to answer your second question, Sarah Palin likes to kill things. She considers it a kind of accomplishment.

  26. My ears have been popping for a couple of days now! I blamed it on the flight I took recently, but perhaps I should really be checking the headphones I have been using 🙂

    I live nowhere near the US, but Sarah Palin invaded our screens a long time ago. Oh and Kim Kardashian, and Chris Brown and Honey Boo Boo Child and her entire family of crazies *sobs* *sobs*

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