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Back from the Dark Side

My internet was out.

For two whole weeks, my internet was OUT. I called the service provider so many times the customer service rep and I are BFFs now. I know his kid’s name and everything.

It was not an easy two weeks. It was like being in Cast Away, but unlike volley ball Wilson, my dog did not want to have long conversations with me.

Me without the internet for two hours:


While the internet was out, I figured I might as well use the time to take a break from my computer. I’ve been meaning to do it anyway.
My computer is my life! I read on it, I work on it, I blog on it, and if it were possible I’d eat on it too. Virtual food looks so much better than when I cook the real thing.

Things I learnt from taking a (devastatingly long) computer break:

  1. Coffee becomes a necessary part of life.
  2. My place is inadequately equipped. I had the thoughts (cringe) ‘well I should go look that up in an encyclopedia’, which was immediately followed by ‘Shit. I don’t have an encyclopedia’
  3. Newspapers suck.
  4. The sun is SO bright. (in a very good way)
  5. My legs are as pale as a computer geek (wait…I am a computer geek)
  6. Technology is crucial for cooking. How do you convert ounces to grams manually?!
  7. Books ‒ real physical books ‒ are so relaxing.
  8. Books are heavy.
  9. I love writing in yellow legal pads.
  10. Dancing in the rain is crazy fun.

All in all, the break was perfect. I think I really needed it. I had a ridiculous amount of free time without my computer. It was fantastic.

Did you ever take a break from your computer?

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123 thoughts on “Back from the Dark Side

  1. We wondered where you had gone, we sent an email. I would die without the computer, so I have always thought but you have made it through and are still alive to tell the tale.LOL I did take two days off but my inbox exploded. We all need a break sometimes 🙂 Glad your back..Big Hugs xxx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Don’t worry, I got your email. Just looking for the recipe. 🙂
      I was so scared to open my email after the two weeks. The thought of all those emails alone tempted me to stay off the internet forever! But that was never going to happen, so glad to be back. *hugs*

  2. I was off the grid recently as well! It’s good to know that there’s life out there beyond the interwebz, but I did miss it. I love the meme thing or whatever your little moving picture thing is called. Welcome back!

  3. Two weeks?! Ours has been lost for a day at most, and I about lose my mind. But I always have my iPad to fall back on. Such crazy dependence we have on the Internet. Glad you were able to escape its clutches for a bit.

  4. I actually just visited your blog yesterday because I was getting worried someone took you hostage.

    I’ve been trying to ease up a little on the computer myself. On the blog, I used to post everyday, but I’m down to three times a week now. We all need a break sometimes (even if we’re hesitant at first. How to survive without Google?!?).

    • I always wonder, if bloggers do go missing, how would we ever find out? Were they kidnapped? Have they gone off and eloped in Italy? Did they become super famous, and is that them on the news?

  5. That’s awesome that you were able to turn your internet down time into something quite cool 🙂 We all need a break from our computers and the net from time to time. Appreciate everything else that life has to offer. All the subtle things like light and wind and walks 🙂

    Even though moving have been the craziest and most stressful thing ever lol, I’ve kind of enjoyed the break from so much computer stuff!

    Anyway, it’s good to have our white legged computer geek back!

    *Big welcome back nudie hugs!*


    • Ahh, light and wind and walks, love them all. Oh and the birds! I made peace with the birds, they sound so beautiful (in the middle of the day though. NOT at 5 am.)
      Sometimes you just need to get away, huh?
      *Glad-to-be-back nudie hugs* 🙂

  6. I can’t live without Google. We don’t have encyclopedias either. I don’t know where the dictionary is or the thesaurus or where to find out anything. Do you need therapy?

    • Wait, there are people who actually own a thesaurus?!
      I can’t live without Google either. At one point I cracked and begged my friend to let me Google something on her phone. Something, anything, I just needed to see the search results load.
      Me? Need therapy? No…

  7. Break from computer. I try that. It doesn’t work so well. I have no idea what to do with myself. I try TV, but nothing is on. I try to read, but thanks to the Net I cannot concentrate on anything that can’t be read in five minutes. I’m like your little guy up there – you got him animated. I am so in awe. I think I might buy a graphics pad so I can draw better than my awful paint people, and thus have another excuse to never leave the computer.

    • I tried TV too. The rumors are true, there really never is anything good on TV.

      I love your paint people! But yeah, I’d probably do anything to never leave the house. Leaving the house is BAAAD!

  8. Yes we are insanely dependent on these things !! When service is down for a few hours panic sets in. So we have started using that time to clean and organize, when service is restored you realize you actually have accomplished something. Or this time of year we just go outside and enjoy some nice nude time. 🙂

    • Clean and organize, why didn’t I think of that? I did get a bunch of reading done though. (which was after I realized that I have way too many ebooks)
      Go for nude time!

  9. I would love to take a computer break, but between home and work there is always one somewhere. Maybe I should take this stuff called “vacation time” and see how that works out.

  10. great idea, though most of us would probably not actually do it unless forced to, as with what happened with you. what does happen though, is that you get many more things done in a day

  11. A lot of people have been taking a break from the computer thing. Well, I have decided to go against convention and not only not take a break, but get into it more. I will become part of the Matrix.

  12. I feel…uncomfortable away from the computer for too long. The few times I’ve been on vacation away from computers and internet have been kind of refreshing.

  13. Welcome back! I wondered where you were. Two weeks without a computer!? You’re a strong woman. I would survive, but not liking it at all. I have gone a day here and there, and even a month once (a long time ago). I read a lot. A LOT. Even did crosswords. But I really am glad I have my puter.

  14. Twice a year, for a week each time, I disappear into the mountains – away from cell phones and computers and everything else. It always feels great to disconnect for a bit. And it always feels great to reconnect again afterwards too.

  15. I was totally stressed out after two days of no internet, I was jonesin, I would have done unspeakable things for 10 minutes on the web….two weeks of no internet and I’d probably have finger muscle atrophy, I would forget my name, I would be…wow I’m pretty lame.

    Funny about the food, it does look way better in digital form.

    • Haha! I know what you mean. I was the same on day three, I NEEDED to Google something! By day five I calmed down and was saying “I never need the internet again!”, which only lasted about an hour. 😀

  16. Sounds like you made a good time of it 🙂

    I get cut off from the internet all the time, two weeks, three weeks, it depends on how happy the service provider keeps his staff. I just find a book and read when it happens, or hope that my blackberry holds up as it is quite ancient.

  17. Life without internet, what did we really do?

    Remembered when I lived in Stavanger – the TV-supplier-company-thiny did manage to cut their own cable, refused that there was anything wrong with the service for two weeks. I have to say – it started to get annoying.

    Personally I did manage the brilliant task of screwing up my blog, so I had to start all over with a new domain – I did crash it two months ago, so you could say I have had some time of.

    If you disappeared from the entire internet – what would I then read and relate to?

    • Service providers, what are we going to do with them! My guy sent me the whole months bill even though they knew the service was down. Grr.

      Glad that your blog is up and running now! Heading over right now 😉

      • Why are they trying to do that every time? They did that with me as well – yeah sure, my fault when you are digging over your own cable!

        I refused to pay the bill, told them that I wold resign my contract if necessary – they didn’t know that they were the only company who could provide us service!

  18. Welcome back! I usually take a break from the computer every weekend, because at home we still live in the dark ages with dial up internet, which is basically like not having internet. So I avoid the computer on weekends. And it is nice to unplug for a bit.

  19. Being disconnected from the online world is something I find relaxing, for some reason. It’s as though I suddenly remember that, “Oh right, there’s a real world, too.”

  20. The world is an amazing place when you have no internet. I had this happen to me for a few days too. I realized my legs were blinding white, and that I could even color things without photoshop. It was a very different experience.
    But I’m so glad to have you back before you started thrift shopping to find an encyclopedia set…

  21. Where do you live that your Internet was out for two week???? I think I’d go crazy. When I lived in Panama I lived without Internet for four months once…I don’t know how I did it.

    P.S…I love writing in yellow legal pads too.

    • It’s easier since you can’t actually do anything about it, but you’re still pacing around the house trying not to pull your hair out for something to do after a few hours 😀
      Gets easier over time though.

  22. I was wondering where you were. Taking a break from the computer is fine–as long as it’s voluntary. Forced breaks are hell.

    I heart yellow legal pads, too. I think the color is easier on my four eyes (although I started using them when I only had two).

  23. Reblogged this on You've Been Hooked! and commented:
    I’m still off the grid, as the kids – and fugitives – say, so here is another shot of brilliance from my blogging partner, Miss Four Eyes. This is both chilling and entertaining simultaneously.
    Enjoy, folks!

  24. Pale as a computer geek! I must remember that one! Dancing in the rain is fun! Just as long as you are not dancing in the rain while writing in a yellow legal pad. For some reason I do not think that would work out so well!

  25. Yes – I love ignoring it for minutes on end! Actually, I try to stay away when I leave work unless I have a post up and want to respond to comments… but I will use it for music and checking random things – but I try to stay away from it b/c it consumes my life.

  26. Okay, so I haven’t had to do without my internet, but my cell phone is down. Things I’ve noticed about me without cell phone:
    1. I re-learn how to use a phone with push buttons.
    2. People don’t know my home number.
    3. I have way to many apps that take up my time.
    4. My 70 year old mother wanted to know why I wasn’t texting her anymore and did I hate her.
    5. It makes a good paper weight.

    Welcome back to cyber world Hook.

  27. Hello – First time reader – saw this re-blogged from The Hook man – this was hilarious though I felt your pain. # 2 and 6 I laughed out loud…ok I lol’d How shackled we are to technology. I wish I could break the chain at times, but it’s always pulls me back….and followed 🙂

    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Break the chain? NEVER! ….clearly technology has taken over my brain. You are so right though, we need to cut back, but it just never works out.

  28. I have been off the computer involuntarily this past week. I did a full on faceplant that resulted in a concussion. Every time I sat in front of the computer everything hurt and I couldn’t read. I did not like this at all. I would sit in the other room and I could hear my computer calling me (ok that part may have something to do with the head injury). It was torture to know that there were blogs to be read and written, emails to be read, FB and Twitter waiting for me. I would not make it two weeks. Hence forth I vow to stay on me feet and off my face.

  29. Hello! I did take a break – I unglued my computer from myself and went to Greece for two weeks this year. It was amazing. Of course my boss called my iphone at one point… but it was ok! haha. Hope you enjoyed your break :).

  30. You know me, always late to the party because of my breaks. It’s good for the soul. I love books and breaks away. I’m glad you got it all sorted. Ps. I have 52 encyclopedias in case you need to borrow one! I always got your back babe!

  31. Welcome Back! I have goosebumps just thinking about what my house would be like if our Internet went out for 2 hours, let alone 2 weeks. I would be spending my days visiting my kids in rehab! Glad you enjoyed your break…sometimes its necessary!

  32. The last time my internet went out I lasted 1hr 45minutes, then I packed my laptop into my bag, grabbed my mobile phone and went and sat in the local pub (where there is great phone coverage) set my mobile phone up as a wireless hotspot and connected the laptop to the phone. Bingo! Internet and beer! WIN!!
    PS sorry about all the nerd I just spewed all over your page.

  33. When I moved to London I was without the internet for three weeks. Seriously, I had to wait two weeks for someone at the main office to “flip a switch.” I offered to flip it for them. I can flip things. But I did enjoy reading. Paperbacks are lighter. I don’t like hardcovers. I don’t like working out when reading.

  34. Welcome back, although I was away for the last while too. I’m just getting caught up now. I took a break from my computer a few months ago when coffee got spilled on it and the keyboard stopped working. I found that I really don’t do anything away from the computer except read. I got a lot of reading done though.

  35. A few months ago my computer was taken away from me since it had suddenly fallen ill. So, internet was out. Mobile internet sucks. I did not see my computer for one whole month. It was painful. It was appalling. It was so soporific.
    My school projects almost came to a standstill, because those I had prepared were in my computer’s hard disk. I’m such a stupid girl I forgot to copy them to an external hard drive or anything.
    Yes, I had to call the person repairing my dear computer so many times that we became BFFs as well. Although I shouted at him for taking so long.
    Finally when my computer recovered, we rushed to each other fast. We were looking at each other with watery eyes. Well, my computer doesn’t have eyes. But yet it was staring at me, lovingly.

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