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When Dreams are too Realistic

The nights are bleeding into days. I don’t know what’s happening around me. I can’t tell dreams from reality. Which on a good day is fine. You do crazy things when you think you’re dreaming but aren’t. Doing very regular things when you’re dreaming but actually aren’t, on the other hand, is the worst.









At one point I dreamt I was doing the laundry. Right from separating the clothes to getting them out of the dryer and folding everything into perfect piles organized by color (I guess I dream of being a neat freak?). I woke up to a giant pile of laundry and had to do everything all over again! Grr.

Have any horrible dreams lately?

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109 thoughts on “When Dreams are too Realistic

  1. How clever are you doing this on your post – I am SO not tech savvy and would be lost trying to do this – well done you! Seems you are surrounded by f…. ‘beeps’, Horrible dreams? Not really horrible unless you call practising eulogies over and over in my sleep! 🙂

  2. Oh you mean the ones where I go to work and look and look and can’t find what I’m looking for in my computer? Then wake up and have to go to to work? Grrrr….

  3. LOL.. I do the same, dream that I have done the housework, only to get up to a bombs hit it. Once I dream’t I had won some money, it was so real, I had hidden it under my mattress. That day, I remembered the money and rushed upstairs to take a look. I cried all day as it had just been a dream. Big Hugs..Oh made the sauce it was fabulous 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • I do that too sometimes. I remember having money somewhere only to realize it was all a dream. The housework ones are the worst though. You clean everything up in your dream and then you wake up to a mess that looks like a dumpster came to life and threw up all over the place. 😦
      Yay about the sauce! 😀

  4. Doing the laundry is not a dream, I think that fits in the nightmares category.
    I have a very “realistic” dream the other night, I had to kill a little girl, she was the daughter of satan and was after me. She looked so sweet and innocent but was evil an vicious, I had to kill her, wasn’t something nice but I ended up doing it, very graphic dream, I dismembered her. She was the daughter of satan remember, yes she was.

  5. I have very vivid dreams that fit on par of sci-fi or bad fiction plots. Mine are a result of medication, so I just deal with it. I just wish I could remember more of them, I could have the next multi-million dollar book or film idea.

  6. I used to have dreams like that, that I was taking a shower and getting ready to go to school. But at some point you have to wake up, realize you haven’t done anything yet, and now have even less time to do them in.

  7. This does sound like an awful dream. Well, a neutral dream at the very best. But yes, way too realistic. I prefer dreams where I’m saving the world, traveling, braving a storm of flying pizza…dreams are weird. Doing laundry shouldn’t be part of a dream!

    • Flying pizza sounds perfect! I know this is weird, but I like dreams where I’m eating. Usually on a balcony somewhere far off, and usually something insanely delicious. I wake up hungry but it’s so worth it 🙂

  8. Funny stuff, girl! I used to incorporate the beeping of my clock into a dream where the buzzing of the clock was the buzzer ending an indoor soccer game in my dreams. I’d wake up all confused. Dreams are crazy.

  9. I used to have recurrent dreams that felt hyper-realistic, but were really anxiety inducing. I finally had to start training myself to recognize if I was in a dream. One was, “If you find yourself frantically needing to get somewhere, but no matter what you do you can’t get there, it’s a dream.” Then it happened, I stopped (in the dream), and said, ‘waaaait, a second… is this one of those dreams?’ and then said, ‘Well, just in case it’s not…” and kept hurrying.

    So close.

  10. Interesting that you wrote about this – this morning I was dreaming that my work (researcher) turned into a restaurant and no one told me – I couldn’t find my clothes in any of the cabinets at work (????) and the computer I had to use was brand new with an O/S I’d never used…and then I realized all these people around me were serving food and a woman kept staying in the back with me and I wanted her to leave… it was weird, weird, weird….I’d have preferred to fold laundry and refold it!

  11. Ha, I have my weirdest dreams when I nap during the day. Far out. Like the time I went to prom with President Obama. Totally normal.

    Love your peeps. You probably already told me this but gerbil memory. Do you use a graphics pad? I so WANT ONE.

  12. This is the second posts I’ve seen about dreams this morning. I had a dream this weekend that I was being mauled by a tiger who turned into a bear, so it could be much worse. 🙂

  13. I love your graphics! I have had this happen to me before where I dreamt about boring, mundane things. I wish I could offer analysis, but I’m afraid I have none. I guess we could try to have an exciting, risk-taking normal existence so our dreams are relaxing and a kind of break. That’s a possibility.

  14. Last night I dreamed I woke up at 3:00 this morning to a sick child and one of my two new puppies rolled in dog shit. I am still waiting to wake up. I am still optimistically hoping this is a dream.

  15. YES. Me and my boyfriend were watching Lock Up (about prisons/convicts) before bed, and I had a dream I was like, inside the mind of a convict? (I say inside the mind of, because I’m not a man) He was going to this high-security prison and then I like, became him, and this other con was chasing me with a razorblade and he made a shallow cut in my lower back and that’s what woke me up. I suspected the cat, but he was laying next to me and he woke up when I did… Curious.

  16. Been there, done that… and for some reason those days end up usually being the worst. Sure, I may have gotten some extra sleep while I wasn’t getting up to my alarm, but it never feels that way. Ugh!

  17. Haha, isn’t it weird how we incorporate the sounds of real life into our dreams!

    I had a really scary dream a few weeks ago actually…Back in rural 19th century America, while her husband was working in the town a woman was raped by a maniac in her house, and during the struggle she fell through the glass window of the front door and died.

    The maniac escaped and the husband decided to board up the house and build a new one for him and his kids to live in. Then years later, after the kids had grown up the husband found a new wife and they decided to refurbish the old house and live in it.

    So they were cleaning the old house when suddenly the hands of the new wife began to bleed while she was cleaning near the front door. The husband said “Oh you cut yourself, be careful of the glass!” and the wife said “I didn’t cut myself, I didn’t even go near the glass.”

    Then she screamed and said “I’ve got to get out of here!” but when she reached the front door the ghost of the murdered wife was there, bloody and disfigured. The new wife screamed again and died of fright instantly.

    The towns people then dug up the first wife and buried the new wife in the same coffin as the old wife so that she wouldn’t be alone in her grave. This dispelled the curse, as the first wife’s ghost no longer felt as alone as she did when she was killed.

    The dream was told in the form of a song, but the only lyrics I remember were “Join me in my coffin”…

    Ahem. Sorry to be so totally creepy, but you did ask if we’d had any weird dreams lately! That dream scared the crap out of me lol, still does! 😦

    I loved the cartoons this time, especially the little squinty eyes in the morning haha, so cute ^_^

    *Big dreamy nudie hugs!*


      • >.< I know right! It's terrifying…and it really was vivid, and detailed, really freaky 😦 I very rarely have scary dreams but that one was a doozy!

        Sorry for the fright! And thanks for the non-creepy hugs, I needed them after that!


  18. That type of dreams are horrible!
    I have had similar twice – I dreamt that I was going to the bathroom! I woke up – just in time to run to the bathroom!

  19. As long as you don’t have that dream about going to the toilet and then you wake up and you’re not in the bathroom and you have about two seconds to make it there. Those are the worst.

    • Haha! Yeah, those are the worst! ….unless you count the ones where you dream about going to the toilet and when you wake up you’re not in the bathroom but it’s too late…

  20. I’ve been having dreams of snakes being in my bed. And when I jerk awake it takes me several minutes to stop “seeing” them in my bed, so I freak out!

  21. I once woke up after dreaming that it’s time to get ready for work. I got dressed, put on make-up and did my entire morning spiel before I realised I still had another four hours to go – it was 2am.

  22. haha this reminds me of someone once telling me you know you’ve really learned another language when you start to dream in it. YET, tragically, when I was living in Germany for a month doing a language course, my dreams started to tailor themselves round the language I’d learned. So it was all stuff like this (translated into English because…well actually because I’ve now forgotten 95% of the German I knew):

    Frau: Can I help you?
    Me: yes, could I have four stamps please?
    Frau: certainly – for a letter or a postcard?
    Me: For these postcards
    Frau: Where are they going?
    Me: Scotland
    Frau: Here you are. That’s X deutschmark
    Me: Thank you. Goodbye!

    Stirring stuff, eh? Once or twice the sheer tedium woke me up.

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  24. I dream within the dream. But I still have yet to dream that I blog naked… Tee hee… May I use a portion of the picture, of course all credit goes to you. As for $10 user fee, do accept credit?

  25. I once dreamt of being attacked by a lion, and then I woke up and couldn’t sleep any more. I had watched a movie that night based on lions. Lesson learnt.
    And yes, you know the most comforting dream I saw recently? I dreamt that it was time to wake up and rise and shine; haha, then I woke up on my own to see it was way too early to wake up. I plunged into another sleep for 3 hours! 😀

    • That happened to me last night! I kid you not, I woke up at 2.30 am, went back to sleep and dreamt of a tiger. The tiger was living in my house and was starting to make the moves on my dog

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